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Attending the Paris Olympics, many French people dream of it, before confronting the reality of prices. Those lucky enough to be raffled off sometimes had to forego buying tickets. How does the organizing committee justify this pricing policy?

At the 2024 Paris Games it will not be only the medals that are worth gold. Tickets for the opening ceremony, a show that promises to be spectacular, have been on sale since Thursday 11 May. But a nasty surprise, for the spectators raffled off there are only seats left at 2,700 euros. “It’s outrageous. For once it’s at home in France, I think we should be able to access it much easier”disputes a Parisian.

No less than 690 euros for swimming

Cheaper tickets have been put on sale, starting from 90 euros, but in reduced numbers, and therefore sold out in just one hour. The organizers remind that most of the access to the ceremony will be free, on the upper part of the banks of the Seine.

Even the places for the races are controversial: nothing is available for less than 690 euros for swimming, for example. So much so that two French athletes have expressed their anger on social media. Out of 49 disciplines scheduled for the Games, 36 no longer have a single place left.

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