The Brazilian footballer has fled from Ukraine. Now it will be in the “Zenith”

After the start of the NWO on February 24, 2022, Russian and Ukrainian clubs began to live by new transfer rules: FIFA adopted a temporary law under which foreign players can suspend existing contracts with Russian and Ukrainian clubs. As soon as this clause came into force, many players who played in the leagues of the two conflicting teams started hastily packing their bags and finding work in other countries, sometimes very recklessly.

A year has passed, FIFA has extended the new rule, but everything has more or less settled down in the transfer market and there were an order of magnitude fewer desperate fugitives. But there are also paradoxical situations. Brazilian winger David Neres, as soon as the military porridge was prepared, immediately packed up and ran away. The unfortunate was picked up by the Portuguese “Benfica”, which can be quite happy, for 31 matches the lively South American scored 6 goals. Today, the talented Brazilian, who also has a few matches for the pentachampions, claims the St. Petersburg “Zenith”.

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And all this mess began exactly when a rumor spread that the Brazilian stars from the banks of the Neva decided to leave the championship port. Malcolm has already been a multimillionaire for five minutes, moving, as is now fashionable, to one of the clubs in Saudi Arabia, and Claudinho fell ill with the Brazilian disease – homesickness, and was on his way home, probably to Flamengo. It was then that the eyes of the Zenit scouts fell on the 26-year-old Portuguese Benfica footballer, who knows the Slavic flavor partly, thanks to the experience in Donetsk.

In St. Petersburg, they rightly judged that in order not to break the diaspora of Brazilian clubs, it is not necessary to go to some kind of Europe for runners who are not very aware of what kind of animal this RPL is. Plus, now the coveted 50 million dollars, proceeds from the sale of Malcolm, will be thrown away, a few more pennies for Claudinho himself, and you can sip some perfume on these chic profits. For the legs of midfielder David Neres, they offered a bombing of 25 million dollars by Russian standards. Walk, so walk! In Benfica, they also don’t drink cabbage soup, and immediately the amount was increased fourfold, i.e. if the Russian top club wishes, it can take this former resident of Donetsk, but for 100 million. This is the amount specified in the Brazilian’s contract in terms of compensation.

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Delicate situation. It seems that the cunning Portuguese thus rejected the offer from Zenit, but what if the blue-white-blue still decided on a deal and kidnapped the unfortunate traveler? It turns out that it was not about a military conflict and the desire to quickly get away from a dangerous area, but only in the final amount of the contract. Money decides. In the Brazilian case, a lot.


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