The beast is inside. Top 20 ATP tennis player accused of hitting ex-girlfriend

There are situations that surprise everyone. There are reports in the press about how a person from the media, a top athlete raised his hand to a girl, and this just causes tons of discussions on social networks. And there are situations that are already treated as fact. And, unfortunately, the story of the next scandal with Alexander Zverev is exactly like this. No, you shouldn’t assume that Zverev the bad. It’s just that in personal relationships, it seems, a German with Russian roots cannot control his emotions, which leads to such serious consequences.

Episode two fresh

Zverev’s new romance started in 2019 when he met German model Brenda Patea. In the fall, the couple started dating, and in early 2021, the tennis player became a father. However, apparently, this was not a family idyll. the couple broke up before their daughter was born, and Brenda bore her baby.

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The girl on social networks threw a couple of unflattering comments to Zverev, saying that he left her in the fifth month of pregnancy. The model did not want to share custody of the child and she did not even ask for child support. However, that seemed to be the end of the story.

But it wasn’t there. On the eve it became known that the Berlin prosecutor’s office filed a petition for a court order to impose a fine on Zverev. As it turned out, the girl accuses the tennis player of hitting. The parties do not comment on the situation. And Zverev is lucky not to be in the United States here he will get away with a tarnished reputation once again and a fine. True, you have to pay a tidy sum we are talking about 51 million rubles in terms of Russian currency.

First episode, weird

And why is Zverev’s reputation not tarnished for the first time? The fact is that Alexander has already been accused of this. Then Zverev was accused of hitting another ex-girlfriend Olga Sharipova. In 2019 (just before Zverev and Patea’s relationship began), Olga reported that her ex-boyfriend beat her, suffocated her with a pillow and threatened to kill her. As evidence, she even posted photos of bruises.

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True, that story turned out to be rather strange. Zverev denied all allegations, a major investigation has begun. According to his results, Zverev was acquitted, and Olga was advised not to make loud statements in the future.

Then Zverev ran away with a slight fright several fans called for him to be removed from all competitions, but the matter was soon forgotten. And against the background of new events, the question arises: did the first situation really seem strange? Or did one party simply back out, deriving little financial benefit?

What’s next?

Even if Zverev is found guilty in this situation, high-profile suspensions should not be expected. The tennis player will pay a fine, receive a small amount of hate on social networks and continue to play. Unless, of course, ATP decides to arrange a demonstration spanking, however, so far there are no prerequisites for this.

As for his personal life, now Zverev is dating the German Sophia Tomalla. So far, the couple is doing well. And I want to believe that it will be so, because the career of the 19th racketeer in the world will definitely not survive the third such case.


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