The admiral liked everything. In addition to eliminations and defeat

Is it possible to defeat the favorite by collecting 10 minutes of penalty in the first period by remaining in three times against five opponents? So the admiral started the match in Kazan against Ak Bars stuffed with stars of various calibers.

Zinetula Bilyaletdinov’s team mercilessly punished the Sailors with two goals in the 5v3 powerplay. Here even Nikita Serebryakov, nicknamed Silver, named by the league as the best goalkeeper in the first round of the playoffs, is unable to lend a hand. Even if he dragged and dragged. Recalling that in youth he was mentioned not inferior to his peers Igor Shesterkin, Ilya Sorokin, Ivan Bocharov, who achieved recognition.

The account was opened by the tireless Alexander Radulov. With the help of two rebounds: the puck after Stanislav Galiev’s shot from Ovechkin’s office hit the stick of defender Valery Orekhov, bounced off the “leopard’s” leg and flew into the goal.

And then Galiev himself threw a touch no worse than his former famous teammate from Washington. The puck flew onto the field like a bullet, the referee spread his arms without noticing the goal. And the hosts rushed to congratulate each other.

The guests did not sit in the marsh reeds, but in the first 20 minutes they simply did not have enough time to attack. And yet, strikers Nikolai Chebykin, who left defender Zhuravlev behind in the slalom pass, and Artem Gareev, who appeared in front of the gate after missing Zhuravlev himself, could upset goalkeeper Timur Bilyalov. The goalkeeper was perfect.

During the break, no one could have imagined that in the second half there would be a change of scenery on the ice of the Tatneft Arena. The penalty for the elimination of the “leopard” Kirill Panyukov followed in 13 seconds: the guests’ captain, Czech defender Libor Szulak, scored, whose participation in the match was in doubt. And at the 20-minute equator, the brave “sailors” tied the score. Thanks to the persistence on the penalty spot of Latvian striker Nikolai Eliseev and the extraordinary hospitality of defender Dmitry Yudin, who did not even lift his opponent’s stick.

For such liberties, an adherent of strict game discipline Bilyaletdinov can draw organizational conclusions. He sends Vasily Tokranov and Olympian Dinara Khafizullina to the gold reserve as expert defenders.

In the third period, the inspired “Admiral” was looking for happiness in the Kazan area. And if the judges Viktor Gashilov, Anton Hoffman and their two assistants saw in eight eyes a clean blow to the head of forward Daniil Gutik from defender-bonebreaker Kirill Adamchuk. And not somewhere in the corner of the site or to the side, but on clean ice, guests may well squeeze the taken aback “leopards”. The foul hardly led to a big fine, but even two minutes in such a situation helps a lot.

And a few seconds later, the referee was seduced by the fall near the side of the Kazan veteran Artem Lukoyanov, slightly held by Artem Gareev, and ordered the expulsion of the “sailor”. To the chagrin of the mentor of the “sailors” Leonid Tambiev, who showed in his arms how the opponent “dived”.

Now the Kazan “Bolsheviks” did not play too much, in such cases simplicity comes to the rescue – a shot from the blue line, coupled with a screen for the goalkeeper. Defender Nikita Lyamkin and Dmitry Voronkov did just that. The first shot from the blue line, and the vice-champion from Beijing got in front of Serebryakov with an oblique sazhen on his shoulders. The puck is seeped through its ammunition into the network.

The guests were worthy of the final onslaught, forcing Bilyalov to show everything he is capable of. Ak Bars retained their victory.

– We liked everything. In addition to the knockouts, coach Admiral Tambiev summed up the first match.


“Ak Bars” (Kazan) – “Admiral” (Vladivostok) – 3:2 (2:0, 0:2, 1:0). Goals: Radulov, Galiev, Lyamkin – Shulak, Eliseev

Series Score: 1-0 (March 18, 20, 22, 24*, 26*, 28*)

* If necessary.


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