The 700 million euros for Mbappé have begun to fade. Did Kilian turn on the rear one?

Remember the beginning of last season: Kylian Mbappé stayed in Paris at least (so it seemed at the time) for a couple of years, and Christophe Galtier, who had only recently managed the team, faced the almost impossible task of successfully fielding him, Lionel Messi and Neymar. Everything worked like clockwork: PSG won match after match with great confidence, the stars actually complemented each other on the field, and the club could safely be called almost the strongest in Europe.

But the cockroaches in Mbappe’s head could rest easy for no more than a couple of months. Then he started throwing tantrums again: first because of the penalty, which Kylian didn’t share with Neymar, and then in connection with his role on the pitch, which, as it turned out, didn’t suit him. As a result, the Parisians’ constructed play began to unravel, which led to another mediocre performance in the Champions League and a fairly even championship in France, but with a lead of only one point.

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In reality, what did the PSG management expect? Apparently, gratitude for the conditions created for the young footballer, which he predictably did not appreciate. The Parisians threw the whole world at his feet, if only he hadn’t gone to Real Madrid: a privileged position in the club, huge money by the standards of European football, a central place in the project. In the end, which of the athletes was persuaded to stay at home by the president? This is only the quarrelsome and scandalous character of Mbappe seen before, so it was worth expecting the next whims of the Frenchman.

The problems with Mbappé started in Monaco, when he was just a very talented player, but nothing more: he negotiated a very high signing bonus when he concluded a new deal with the Monegasques. A year later, he asked for a 16-fold salary increase, to the level of the club’s most expensive player at the time, Radamel Falcao. As a result, the club decided to sell him, but Real Madrid, having agreed on a transfer with Monaco, refused to pay Kilian the same amount that he gave to PSG. Furthermore, some of the footballer’s requirements seemed absurd, such as 50 hours of use of a private jet.

Last summer Mbappe would have gone to Madrid again, but once again he made a choice in favor of money. But here I already want to ask the PSG management: haven’t you really seen how problematic this player is? Or have you decided, given his talent and his nationality, to risk it? So now reap the benefits of the third version of the series about Mbappe’s move to Real Madrid. True, this time the French seem to have finally decided to put an end to the endless throwing and blackmailing of the player. Leaving him out of the squad during the pre-season tour and signaling that he is ready to put him on the bench is a strong move.


This has just unexpectedly jumped into the limelight another contender for a football player who loves money so much – Saudi Arabia. It seems to be a perfect match, as it was previously stated that Mbappe wanted to get a huge loyalty bonus from PSG, or Real would pay a huge raise in the transition and take both optimally.

The 700 million from the Middle East, which was originally discussed, turned into just 200, and all the rest is advertising and trade deals. Here other stars couldn’t even resist and began to react: one of the highest paid NBA players, Giannis Antetokounmpo, joked on social media saying that he looked like Mbappe, and therefore the Saudis could take him.

Will Kilian accept such a generous offer? On the one hand, he always decided in favor of the one with the bigger check. On the other hand, you can safely forget the competition with Erling Haaland and the comparisons with the comparison between Messi and Ronaldo. And was there any reason for such a fuss? Mbappe has only surpassed the 30-goal mark once in seven full seasons in Ligue 1, his Norwegian opponent scoring 36 goals in his first year in the Premier League. Lionel Messi, at the age of 25, was already the holder of four Ballon d’Ors, while Kilian did not have any.

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Now it seems that Mbappe’s only option to become a truly great footballer is to stop being an unprincipled, infantile and capricious teenager who thinks only of money, having matured as early as possible and appeased all the cockroaches in his head.


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