Tedesco radically upgraded the Belgian national team, defeated Sweden and humiliated Germany


What could be expected from the Sweden-Belgium match on March 24 in Stockholm? A stubborn struggle with an unpredictable outcome.

The Swedes are the typical European middle peasants: strong, uncompromising, they almost never lose at home. Belgium failed the World Cup in Qatar, the team is in crisis, the “golden generation” is at the meeting. These are the original data. In fact, the Belgians staged a real defeat for the Swedes under the leadership of the former Spartak coach Dominic German. Scoring hat-trick Romelu Lukaku. Which also started to be canceled after Qatar-2022. Too soon! I have always admired Lukaku: at his best, he is undoubtedly one of the top 5 best strikers in the world.

Thus, the 3-0 win in the Swedish capital was perceived by many as a small sensation. Not for the Belgian victory, the class margin of this team is still large, due to the defeat of the almost impenetrable Swedes.


Good Belgians, but the Germans won’t let them down. Especially at home. Even if in the Bundestim, like in Bayern, it absolutely doesn’t matter where to play. But the match started with embarrassment for the hosts: in the 9th minute the score was already 2-0 in favor of Belgium. distinguished Yannick Carrasco AND Lucaku. Both goals were scored after quick counter-attacks, assisted in both moments Kevin de Bruyne.

It is difficult to regain such a lead against an opponent of Belgium’s level, except that the task is in the hands of the Bundesmashines when at full capacity. But the car’s engine crashed in Qatar, and Hans flick I can’t fix it anyway.

At the end of the first half Niklas Fullkrug scored a penalty. And in the 78th minute Kevin de Bruyne actually put an end to it all – even a quick counter-attack and the captain of the Belgians in touch, closed the crossbar with a low blow Trossard.

Serge Gnabri at the 86th he scored the second. There weren’t enough hosts for anything else.

After the match, Hans Flick sang praises for the Belgians.

“We played too cautiously, passively and were unable to put pressure on the opponent. Belgium beat us mercilessly. Many thanks to the fans – they saw that the team gave all its strength and tried to achieve results, ”quotes Sky Sports Flick.


So what did Tedesco do with the team? He radically updated it and gave places at the base to a wide range of little-known players.

Which of them went to the match in Stockholm from the first minutes. Experienced centre-back Jan Vertonghen now the couple is 24 years old Fast of Leicester. And on the defensive end, Europe discovered a 22-year-old Arthur Teate from Rennes.

Another rookie, anything but a boy, a 25-year-old originally from the Congo Dodi Lukebakio Ngadoli. He plays for Hertha, apparently in the German Bundesliga and has his eye on the striker.

Next – midfielder Amadou Onana since the Everton sinking, he is younger – he is 21 years old. By the way, he was also born in Africa, in Senegal.

In the match against the Germans in Cologne, a 25-year-old midfielder appeared on the base Orel Mangalia from Nottingham Forest – the team is now fighting for survival in the Premier League.

An incredibly bold move by the former Spartak coach! Set half the actual numbers. And when Domenico managed to look at them all and decide that these guys with almost zero playing experience for the national team will be able to transform the team in the company of bison – Lukaku, de Bruyne, Carrasco, Castanem, Vertonghen?

It remains only to admire Tedesco. No wonder revived these days Zarema Salikhovalooking at his favorite: they say, I moved the RFU to appoint Domenico to the Russian national team, but they didn’t listen to me.

Dear Zarema, why does Tedesco need the Russian team? This is one of those rhetorical questions that don’t require an answer.


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