Swimming World Championships: Léon Marchand breaks Michael Phelps’ record


Video duration: 1 minute.


On Sunday 23 July, Léon Marchand broke the world record for the 400m medley, with a time of 4’02”50, thus breaking the old record held by Michael Phelps.

The Léon Marchand rocket takes off in the Japanese cauldron. With a stratospheric time of 4’02”50, the 21-year-old swimmer won the world title and broke the world record of American legend Michael Phelps. “It’s excellent. I train for it every day. I make the puck so it’s great”he exclaimed. His gold medal is Michael Phelps himself, now a consultant for American television, who came to give it to him.

Léon Marchand eagerly awaited at the Paris Olympics

For 20 years and 342 days no one had managed to do better than the American. Not counting on the UFO of the swimming pools which is Léon Marchand, which confirms all the expectations placed on him. The new world record holder looks to a bright future as he will be one of the most eagerly awaited Frenchmen at next summer’s Paris Olympics.

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