Sweden victorious, France 16th


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Next year Eurovision will be held in the successful Swedish producer, 50 years after Abba’s victory. The country celebrated its seventh victory on Saturday evening 13 May. Back to this evening in Liverpool.

Four hours of show, a Swedish triumph. On Saturday evening May 13, Loreen presented the trophy to her country, entitled “Tatoo”. “It’s crazy, it’s surreal, I’m so happy, full of gratitude”, said the winner of Eurovision 2023. A victory cheered and celebrated by the Swedes who have been waiting for the event for years. And Loreen isn’t on her first try. She had already won in 2012.

Liverpool paid tribute to Ukraine

Sweden is none other than the queen of Eurovision, with a seventh trophy under its belt, launched under the title “Waterloo” by Abba. The tube that has gone global will celebrate its 50th anniversary next year. The 2024 edition will obviously be organized in Stockholm and not in France. Because on Saturday night La Zarra finished in 16th place. A little later in the evening, he introduces the Quebec candidate. At the distribution of points, a controversial gesture on social media. La Zarra seems to give the middle finger. It explains at the end of the show: “It’s just a gesture of disappointment, which we use between friends”, she justified herself. Eurovision also paid tribute to Ukraine, with Liverpool’s anthem “You’ll Never Walk Alone”.

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