Super return Loko! Dziuba didn’t convert a penalty, but squeezed Krasnodar after Ramirez was sent off


Lokomotiv scored six points in two rounds under Mikhail Galaktionov, more than in the previous ten. At the same time, he played four out of five spring matches away: in the Cup with Spartak and in Tolyatti, in Rostov and Grozny in the RPL. And finally, the railway workers appeared before their native audience on the Cherkizovo emerald meadow.

Appeared with Dmitry Barinov in the composition. During the week, the figure of the midfielder was actively discussed due to the fact that he had to miss the match in Togliatti due to suspension, but the club missed this moment. He went to the base again, as did Anton Miranchuk, who was replaced in Togliatti during the break, as well as Artem Dziuba, who had a week off. In the top five forwards, Maxim Glushenkov got a place on the bench.

Photo source: FC Lokomotiv

Vladimir Ivic lost Matvey Safonov, who was ill before the match. They say coronavirus. However, the goalkeeper still got into the application (which is hardly possible with covid), albeit not in the main team. His position at the gate was taken by Stanislav Agkatsev. No other notable changes were observed. Christian Ramirez in defense, Eduard Spertsyan in midfield, John Cordoba in attack – everything is fine.

Mediocre penalty by Dziuba

Knowing about the visitors’ offensive side, Galaktionov resorted to an unusual countermeasure recipe in the middle of the field. In the first phase, off the ball, Loko’s formation can be described as 3-1-4-2 with Francois Camano on the same level as Dziuba and Nair Tiknizyan, so to speak, in the midline. “One” is Karpukas. As Krasnodar consolidated in the other half, the railway reverted to the four defenders.

Tiknizyan’s high position looked especially interesting, as it allowed him to act more actively in the attack. Sergei Pinyaev helped him in the flank, and Sergei Volkov stood up to him, whom Muscovites, apparently, chose as a weak link. It was through his zone that they performed the two most dangerous combinations, and the last pass fell right on Tiknizyan. Unfortunately, Kamano and Miranchuk hit the same spot near the left post. And at the end of the half, the defender himself did not hit an empty one-meter corner …

In general, individually Herman Conti, Miranchuk and Dziuba fiercely fought for the title of anti-hero of the time with the use of elbows. The first made an enchanting throw (more on that later), the second did not hit the target even once out of four attempts (three shots were blocked, one missed), and the last foolishly spoiled the penalty earned by Igor Smolnikov in a duel with Spertsyan. The striker rolled the ball from 11 meters as he did in the memorable match for Zenit after the legendary video of him.

Photo source: FC Lokomotiv


However, Krasnodar over time adapted to such opposition and transferred the game to someone else’s half of the field. Proposals went into Ilya Lantratov’s penalty area and often reached the recipients. For example, Douglas Santos hit Cordoba in the head with an ideal canopy, but he hit at an angle. Once failed, two, three and ended up with a natural goal. Spertsyan took a corner at the near post, while Junior Alonso broke away from Dziuba and cut the ball into the far corner. This is the Paraguayan’s first goal for Krasnodar.

And just before the break, Herman Conti acquired a solid group of haters: he completely lost the power fight against Cordoba (and twice in a pass from the Colombian), lost his balance, jumped to his feet and rushed under attack, but it only led to an unreadable Rebound from Lantratov – 0:2.

As a result, the first half turned out to be ambiguous. In general, the teams played on equal terms. Krasnodar had more ball possession, Loko hit more often and created scoring chances, he had a penalty. But the guests did not allow themselves individual mistakes, and the hosts personally behaved in the episodes and were punished for it.

Photo source: FC Lokomotiv


How eventful was the first half, but the second half started no less fiery, with the hosts long-awaited return goal. Galaktionov’s substitutions worked, replacing Kamano and Miranchuk with Glushenkov and Rifat Zhemaletdinov.

At first, Pinyaev, who was forced to go to the right, surprised the defenders with his appearance in the penalty area and rolled Barinova into second rate. Midfielder Agkatsev miraculously repelled the blow, but straight to Volkov, from which the ball jumped over the goal line. And four minutes later, Glushenkov boldly rushed into the penalty area at several opponents. The ball rebounded to Dziuba, who returned the ball to Glushenkov in heel contact, and hit Agkatsev from eight meters.

Photo source: FC Lokomotiv

Muscovites were greatly encouraged by this development. They began to outwit their opponents in episodes and beat them in martial arts. And we have another advantage. Barinov met Christian Ramirez on the wing, and he, throwing the ball past, crashed into an opponent and punched him in the neck with his elbow. The Ecuadorian, who already had a yellow card, assessed the situation and fell on the grass, but it didn’t help: Kirill Levnikov waited for his return and sent him off. Krasnodar remained in the minority.


Ivic did not have time to react to the substitutions and Lokomotiv had already taken the lead. It was Dziuba’s high header that sent the ball into the net from the crossbar after Barinov’s deft shot from the center of the penalty area. The irony is that in that same match in November 2020, Dzyuba also failed to score a penalty just before the break, and scored the winning goal in the second half. And do you know what is the most amazing thing? His rivals were… Krasnodar.

But the game wasn’t going to cool down on that either. Galaktionov drew no conclusions from the opponent’s mistake and did not replace any of the four yellow-carded players. But in vain. Smolnikov behaved as unprofessionally as possible. Having a yellow one, he fell for Kadi Borges’ banal taunt and wrapped his arms around her. All this happened in a positional fight away from the ball. Then the formations aligned. And only after that did Galaktionov replace Karpukas with Dmitry Zhivoglyadov.

Photo source: FC Lokomotiv

This intemperance by Smolnikov gave the Bulls a chance to save the game. And they honestly tried to use it, but they spent too much energy and emotion that night. Loko won in the spring in the third round in a row, Krasnodar still has one win in the last six rounds.

RPL. 20th round

Locomotive – Krasnodar – 3:2 (0:2)

Goals: J. Alonso, 29 – 0:1. Córdoba, 39 – 0:2. Volkov, 47 – in his own network – 1:2. Glushenkov, 51 – 2:2. Dzyuba, 65 – 3:2.

Wrong penalty: Dziuba, 45 (goalkeeper).

“Locomotive”: Lantratov, Smolnikov, Konti, Kuzmichev, Tiknizyan, Karpukas (Zhivoglyadov, 74), Barinov, Miranchuk (Glushenkov, 46), Kamano (Zhemaletdinov, 46; Shchetinin, 84), Pinyaev, Dziuba.

“Krasnodar”: Agkatsev, Volkov, Cayo, J. Alonso, Ramirez, Borges (Krivtsov, 85), Banyats (Chernikov, 68), Spertsyan, Olusegun (Batchy, 80), Kobnan (Petrov, 68), Cordoba.

Warnings: Kobnan, 16. Smolnikov, 21. Karpukas, 43. Tiknizyan, 45+5. Ramirez, 56. Zhemaletdinov, 61. Shchetinin, 87.

Removal: Ramirez, 63 (2 LCDs). Smolnikov, 72 (2 LCDs).

Judge: Levnikov (St. Petersburg).


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