“Spurs are a good club for Victor Wembanyama, he can only explode there,” assures Tony Parker

Inheriting the number one draft pick on Wednesday, the San Antonio franchise should, barring an unlikely surprise, sign French prodigy Victor Wembanyama. And Tony Parker is quite enthusiastic.

Who better than Tony Parker to talk about San Antonio, the probable future franchise of Victor Wembanyama? A few hours after the announcement of the number one draft assigned by draw to the Spurs, Wednesday 17 May, and from the words of Victor Wembanyama, speaking of the “special relationship between Spurs and France thanks to Tony [Parker] and Boris [Diaw]”, the former leader of the team, which won four NBA titles there, delivered himself to the microphone of France 3 Lyon. “I have the impression that it was his destiny. He has everything to make it”he confided.

“I’m so happy for the story, for Victorthe former France captain exulted for the city, for the Spurs. They have been preparing for two years by making transfers to improve their position and put themselves in a position to choose first. I think it’s a good club for him. It will really improve there. In San Antonio you will be in a very, very good environment with Pop [Gregg Popovich, l’entraîneur]. I know he can only explode with Spurs. There’s a winning culture there, which will be great for him.”

“One of the best coaches in history”

Always very close to the top management in San Antonio, Tony Parker also discussed with his former mentor, Gregg Popovich: “I spoke to him on the phone this morning: he was happy. He asked me many questions about Victor. I’m happy for Popp, for the end of his career. He is one of the best coaches in the game. NBA history, a Hall of Famer. He will only get better with he.

Victor Wembanyama will follow in the footsteps of Tony Parker (28th in the draft in 2001), but also other former number 1 in the draft such as David Robinson (1987) or Tim Duncan (1997), who also led the Spurs to the NBA title. “The pressure, he’s had it for 13-14 yearswipe out the current Asvel boss. He has enormous and constant pressure, since he is billed as the greatest talent since LeBron James. When we had him at Asvel we saw that this pressure doesn’t bother him. I even think he loves it. He plays it well. Moving to Spurs, moving behind Tim Duncan or David Robinson, the greats who have had success at this team, I don’t think the pressure will get in his way.”

“If he stays healthy, he has the potential to make a career like Tim Duncan”

However, the Frenchman, who plays for Boulogne-Levallois, won’t have it easy: “He will try to change the Spurs, because it is true that this year has not been terrible (last in the Western Conference). I hope that with Victor we will return to the top of the table. He will be there ‘taf ‘: Keldon Johnson and Devin Vassell, they are good played, but it takes a lot longer if we want to find the play-offs, and even more if we want to get back to the Conference Finals and win a title.” Tony Parker uses “we” when talking about the Texas team so we don’t erase 17 years with the Spurs. “I hope he’s all right.Parker points out. This is the most important to him. If he stays, he has the potential to make a career like Tim Duncan. I hope it will be as successful as my generation.”

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