Sergei Fedorov: Did CSKA rebound? I experienced some stress

“A bad start,” says Sergei Fedorov, “although it is difficult to blame one, two or three people. It just didn’t work. Five of our players are playing in front of our goalkeeper and we keep conceding goals. This needs to be thought through and worked on.

I’m happy for the guys who have regrouped, even if the second period was difficult for us. But they found an opportunity to level the score. The third period, you saw the start, you controlled the puck and didn’t let the opponent change, you squeezed a bit, the opponent was tired in these rounds, and two quick goals helped gain confidence and positive emotions .

The rest of the guys with a win. Well done. Once again we have found the keys to the opponent’s goal.

– Do you want to adopt Avangard’s playing methods under Hartley, when he beat Nikitin, in the next series with Yaroslavl?

– I was the general manager then and the video game is a little different. But that’s a good idea, thanks.

– What did the guys say, losing 0:2?

You can’t say much on the bench, I focused on my actions: who to release, who to have my opponent release. Trying to get the right guys out. Two years of Cherepovets – good goals, hockey. There are five of us in front of the goalkeeper and nobody could stop him from scoring. They played without a team. So you think about what your next step will be, you put it all together.

– 22 goals conceded for the series. It’s a lot…

It’s hard to do anything with this in a short time. The rank of the playoffs is higher than the regular season. The opponent is the same. The defense has done well in the regular season. The playoffs are different. We will not rely on the results of this series.

Remind the kids of the basics.

– Is Severstal an uncomfortable opponent?

There are no uncomfortable opponents. Against an aggressive, talented, sharp and organized team, you play with the same five principles. Severstal has always had these principles in the series and our team was one step behind. This is one of the pages we need to clean up. So that it doesn’t happen in the next round. When emotions are in check, we can play solidly. But it doesn’t have to be brought to that.

– In social networks they write that CSKA rebounded …

We can say that the beginning was not ours. But ahead 4:2 – rebounded? That’s no good. On the subtle in the final due to the useless third goal. We experienced some stress.

– In the last playoffs, CSKA could sometimes turn on the fifth rate and come back. Is she there now?

We have seventh gear.


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