Sandra Badie of France, vice world jiu-jitsu champion, dies of cardiac arrest at the age of 31

Multiple times champion of France, Sandra Badie had obtained a silver medal at the world championships organized in Abu Dhabi, in the autumn of 2022.

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The French Judo Federation, on which jiu-jitsu depends, has expressed its opinion "immense sadness" following the death of Sandra Badie, announced on May 19, 2023. (VICTOR JOLY / AFP)

He was one of the figures of the French jiu-jitsu team. Vice world champion Sandra Badie has died of cardiac arrest at the age of 31, France Jujitsu announced on her Facebook page on Friday, May 19.

“Last night Sandra Badie died, vice-champion of the world 2022, third of the last World Games [de jeudi à vendredi]following a cardiac arrest, we can read on this page. The French Judo Federation, which owns this sport that combines different martial arts, has expressed its opinion “tremendous sadness”.

At the World Games in Birmingham (United States), last July, Sandra Badie took the bronze in the -48 kg category, before aiming for the title with France in the mixed team event. She also won a silver medal at the world championships held in Abu Dhabi in the fall of 2022.

The Judo Club of Soumoulou (Pyrénées-Atlantiques), where she was authorised, saluted the memory of this fighter who was several times champion of France. “Emblematic personality of the Soumoulou judo club, he will leave a great void around him”added the club on its Facebook page.

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