Radulov and his team return to Vladivostok

The “Sailors” knitted the titled “leopards” hands and feet for two periods, scoring two goals. And in the third, despite three removals, they kept up the winning score. The series returns to Vladivostok. The sixth game begins at 10 in the morning Moscow time – there is no time to get ready, to get enough sleep.

“Admiral” coach Leonid Tambiev after the defeat in the fourth game of the series does not lose optimism and believes in the overall victory of his team. Maybe in words. But hockey swagger isn’t the last thing. Thus, the players of the Czechoslovak national team before the decisive match at the 1984 Olympics in Sarajevo against the “Red Machine” motivated themselves by wearing baseball caps “We are Olympic champions”. It didn’t help, our team won 2-0.

Tambiev respects “Ak Bars”, a favorite: “They have Olympic and world champions of the world, they crossed the Crimea and the eye …”.

The “sailors” have already jumped over their heads, removing “Salavat Yulaev” from the race. Appetite comes with food: all matches in the series with Ak Bars have ended by narrow margins, two of them in overtime.

So the first period passed in an even struggle, as the statistics show: parity in throws (11-11). In such a situation, the main thing is not to collect write-offs. That the “sailors” managed 40 minutes.

Photo source: HC Ak Bars

After the break, the “leopards” released their claws. Their leader and captain Alexander Radulov raged on the ice and on the bench. He has even tested the strength of his partners. So he cut and swung his bat on the bench, which hit Artem Galimov.

The guests, however, kept a cool head and hit Timur Bilyalov’s goals twice in a row. 5 minutes before the second break, striker Danil Gutik took over … the front scoreboard as an ally: after his shot, the puck flew past the target and bounced towards the patch, where the goalkeeper carried it behind the ribbon with shields. The judges only counted the goal after the “film show”.

Soon the “sailors” caught the hosts on the counterattack and an away mistake. In the central zone, defender Vyacheslav Voynov, who passed Crimea and the eyeball, failed, throwing three opponents on goal. Dmitry Chebykin and Anton Berlev – we remembered these names recently – played a game on the wall – 0:2.

Photo source: HC “Admiral”

In the third period, the “leopards” diligently melted the ice in the gates of Nikita Serebryakov, but only once forced him to capitulate. And even then after the rebound from the skate of Canadian defender Colby Williams. “Energizer” Radulov distinguished himself by realizing the numerical advantage.

The hosts had plenty of time not only to recover, but also to win. Moreover, the panicked “sailors” began to discard primitively. Dmitry Yudin, Radulov were close to scoring the second goal, but they didn’t grow together. “Admiral” gave a cup hockey lesson to the Nizhny Novgorod “Torpedo” Igor Larionov, who in the third period did not keep the lead over SKA by two goals.

Silver (Serebryakov) dragged and dragged, coping with 49 (!) Throws. Even if the admiral fails, Nikita will definitely be called the best goalkeeper in the league.

After the final siren, Tambiev once again confirmed on camera that he was waiting for 7 games of the series. But in the locker room he was more restrained: “We have the sixth game ahead of us, we’re getting ready, then we’ll see.”


Ak Bars (1) – Admiral (7) – 1:2 (0:0, 0:2, 1:0). Goals: Radulov – Berlev, Chebykin

Score of the series: 3-2 (3:2, 2:1, OT 0:1, OT 1:2, 1:2, 26*, 28*)

* If necessary.


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