Private for life. The striptease bar motivated the Stanley Cup finalists in an original way

The Vegas Golden Knights reached the Stanley Cup Finals for the second time in their history. The Knights already reached the main series of the season in 2018, but then they were stopped by the Washington Capitals with an incredibly motivated Alexander Ovechkin.

This time “Vegas” is confronted with “Florida”, led by Sergei Bobrovsky, who works wonders at the gate throughout the playoffs. But in the first match even the Russian goalkeeper could not help his team. The Golden Knights players were superior in every way. The final score of 5:2 on the scoreboard clearly reflects what is happening on the ice of the T-Mobile Arena.

Photo source: Vegas Golden Knights

Vegas has more than enough motivation. A very young team by the standards of the league has real chances for the first time in its history to win the main trophy of the NHL. But besides this, the hockey players received an interesting offer from one of the city’s elite striptease clubs, which can motivate the guys even more.

Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club, which was owned by famed American music producer Larry Flynt and continues to bear his name, offered players platinum VIP memberships for life. Such a card will allow players to literally plunge into heavenly life. Hockey players will have unlimited access to the bar and restaurant located on the club’s territory. In addition, players will be able to order “lap dances” (the dance of a stripper on the customer’s lap) completely free of charge.

The club promises hockey players heavenly pleasure in exchange for winning the Stanley Cup final, and players from Las Vegas will only have to walk a few meters to receive the promised VIP cards. Hustler stands almost in front of the team’s home stadium.

Photo source: Getty Images

The idea to create such a motivation came to the CEO of the strip club Brittany Rose. The administration of the institution considers the Golden Knights one of the most important attributes of the cultural life of the city and will consider it an honor to include all hockey players of the team among its VIP clients.

“Vegas’ success has been instrumental in boosting morale in our community. We decided to express our support to the team to increase their motivation and achieve victory,” Rose told reporters.


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