Prison for Chelyabinsk. The sports director of “Tractor” was arrested with drugs

It seemed that the topic of drugs in Russian sports remained somewhere in the horror stories of the 90s, when behind the scenes, in the conversations of hockey specialists and fans, wild stories from the outback such as Novokuznetsk arose. Some hockey players have been killed by this addiction. And again this topic pops up in the sports media, this time the police detained the director of sports development of the Chelyabinsk “Tractor” Alexander Shinin. According to some reports, several grams of mephedrone were confiscated from him.

Traktor’s bosses immediately reacted to such shocking news and fired Shinin, who was trumpeted by various telegram channels this morning. The official news channel of Chelyabinsk residents came out with the caption “Alexander Shinin is leaving Traktor.” Sports development director sacked by the club. The functionality of the former head until the end of the search for a new specialist will be temporarily taken over by the general director of the club Alexei Volkov.

HC “Tractor”

Probably, in Chelyabinsk they acted quickly, practically ahead of the curve. Before journalists spread this shame on all tapes and channels, everything was already decided. There is no way back. In the NHL, for the slightest attempt to interfere with the club in a dirty story, everyone involved is immediately removed. Suffice it to recall the dark story of the Russian forward “Colorado” Valery Nichushkin, who in the midst of the playoffs was in the same hotel room with a very drunk girl. There is still no clarity on this matter, but no one has yet lifted a temporary ban on Nichushkin’s clubs.

Alexander Shinin not so long ago ended his career as an active hockey player. He graduated from Chelyabinsk hockey, where he spent most of his career, sometimes stopping at Cherepovets Severstal. Over the course of 18 years of his career, defender Shinin managed to play 436 matches in the Russian Super League and the KHL, in which he scored 9 goals and provided 59 assists. As part of the Russian youth team in 2002, he became the silver medalist of the world championship. In 2003, playing for Severstal, he won the silver medal of the Russian championship.

HC “Tractor”

In the coming days it will be clear what and how. There is no clarity in only one thing: why would a sportsman and a healthy person who has a job in the Traktor club system need drugs? Or is it so boring to live that you want to use such a dangerous and criminal way to bring confusion into a fairly stable existence. Shinin is only 39 years old. The age when a man is in his prime. It’s a shame that these stories happen in the sports world.


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