Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang joins OM for three seasons

For his return to Ligue 1, the Gabonese forward signed with Olympique de Marseille on Friday.


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Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang in Chelsea colours, April 26, 2023. (NIGEL KEENE / AFP)

A few hours after Dimitri Payet’s departure, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang arrived in Marseille on Friday 21 July. Free of any contract, the 34-year-old striker, who had broken his contract with Chelsea, therefore signed with OM on a free transfer for three years.

Notably surpassed by Dijon, Lille, Monaco and Saint-Etienne, the Gabonese international is therefore making his big comeback in Ligue 1, ten years after his departure from the Greens to the Bundesliga and Borussia Dortmund where he will have scored 141 goals between 2013 and 2018. He then bounced back to the Premier League at Arsenal where he continued to rack up goals (92 goals in four seasons) before joining a six-month freelance spell at FC Barcelona. He then moved on to Chelsea where he scored just 3 goals in 21 games before losing his starting job.

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