Paul Pogba is out injured for his first start of the season

The French midfielder left his team-mates after just 23 minutes in Sunday’s league match against Cremonese.

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Paul Pogba during the Europa League semi-final first leg between Juventus and Sevilla, 11 May 2023. (SIPA)

The nightmare continues for Paul Pogba. Starting for the first time of the season with Juventus against Cremonese, on Sunday 14 May, the French midfielder didn’t even see the end of the first period. After 23 minutes of play, he stopped, visibly embarrassed in his thigh, and had to walk off the pitch, in tears and with his face buried in his shirt.

This new injury marks a difficult season for the 2018 world champion. Touching the meniscus and then undergoing knee surgery, an operation that had caused him to miss the World Cup with the Blues, he had not been able to play for Juventus, who joined of the 2022 summer transfer window, before February. A groin tear kept him sidelined again for several weeks in March and April before he resumed his place in the squad.

Hard blow for the Blues

It is therefore a new blow for the Turin club, still engaged in the Europa League and in the fight for qualification in the Champions League. But also for the Blues, just over two weeks from Didier Deschamps’ list, announced on May 31, for the next qualifying matches for Euro 2024, in early June.

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