Paris Marathon: Cultural tips to avoid training fatigue


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Journalist Samuel Ollivier, present on the set of 8 Hours on Thursday 16 March, has decided to participate in the Paris marathon, which will be held on 2 April. He gives his music recommendations and several podcast examples to avoid workout fatigue.

The Paris Marathon will take place on April 2. The journalist Samuel Ollivier, present on the set of 8 Hours, will participate on Thursday 16 March. To avoid the fatigue of training, the journalist first gives his musical advice, with for example the title Jump by Van Halen, useful for motivation. However, Samuel Ollivier points out that music is prohibited during the Paris marathon, because it is “considered as assistance, almost doping”.

A podcast on major media affairs

The journalist then gives some examples of podcasts to listen to during his training, such as the one entitled journalism mechanics produced by France Culture, which“we’re supposed to play middle and high school kids, and then conspiracy theory fans”says the reporter. In fact, this podcast tells the main media stories through the prism of the journalists who revealed them.

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