Paris 2024: meeting with Earvin Ngapeth, reigning Olympic volleyball champion


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S.Ollivier, O.Delarue, T.Nivière, T.Sornin, R.Balaguer – France 2

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Tuesday, March 14, there are 500 days left before the start of the Paris Olympics. On this occasion, journalist Samuel Ollivier met Earvin Ngapeth, Olympic volleyball champion at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, to talk about the Paris 2024 Games.

Present on the set of 8 hours, Tuesday 14 March, the journalist Samuel Ollivier retraces the palmarès of the volleyball player Earvin Ngapeth. He was crowned Olympic champion with France in 2020, European champion in 2015 and won the League of Nations three times in 2015, 2017 and 2022.

“It’s the match of a lifetime”

Samuel Ollivier met Earvin Ngapeth, in particular to talk about the next Olympic Games (OG) in Paris in 2024, of which we are, on Tuesday 14 March, 500 days from the start. “It’s fast approaching. 500 days is tomorrow for an athlete”said Earvin Ngapeth. “It’s the match of a lifetime, it’s the match of a career, so I’m looking forward to it”He added. Compared to the Tokyo Olympics, there will be an audience at the Paris Olympics. The public was in fact absent in Japan due to Covid-19. “The crowd becomes almost two or three more players against the opponent, so it’s definitely something that will help us enormously”said Earvin Ngapeth.

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