Paris 2024: Marseille, Châteauroux, Tahiti, events all over France



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France 2 – M. Boisseau, N. Dahan, M. Chongue, J. Weyl, P.-J. Perrin, P. Tsing Tsing, N. Thevenot, Y. Kadouch

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The Paris 2024 Olympics will mainly take place in and around the capital, but nine other cities will also host the competitions. These include Marseille for sailing, Tahiti for surfing and Châteauroux for shooting.

The Olympic Games in France are not just about Paris and its region. Nine other cities will fan the flame, including Marseille (Bouches-du-Rhône), the busiest. “In Marseille, it is here that everything will begin with the arrival of the Olympic flame on May 8, 2024 after a ten-day crossing from Greece aboard the three-masted Belem. For this, a large popular festival will be organized.details Noémie Dahan, present in Marseille. The city of Marseille will host 10 women’s and men’s football matches from 24 July at the Vélodrome stadium.

6,000 people expected every day in Châteauroux

Châteauroux will have the honor of awarding the first medals according to the schedule of the first competitions. Sport shooting events will also be held in the city. But for the city of Châteauroux, the challenge is the accommodation of the delegations. 6,000 people between athletes and spectators are expected every day during the races in a city of 43,000 inhabitants. The works are therefore increasing as an old uninhabited chapel that will be transformed into a hotel.

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