Nikolai Yaremenko, editor-in-chief of Soviet Sport, announced his imminent departure from the publication

– I spent seven very happy years at Soviet Sport. Many said in 2016: where are you going? The editions are difficult, huge debts, problems, wars between shareholders. Want to be remembered by fans later as the last editor-in-chief? And someone just asked in surprise – is there still such a publication?

For seven years we have been climbing, clinging, surviving, but we have not abandoned our beloved media. Last year they even solemnly celebrated its centenary. The questions of the past are no longer asked. Our covers go viral, our articles offend the powers that be, our newspaper is known.

Now the publication has changed owners. They sincerely want to restart publishing and make it successful. Until the end of May, I will still work for the benefit of Soviet sport. With a light heart I hand over the reins to the new team!

I speak of it with absolute sincerity. In seven years the human body is completely renewed. I once spent seven years at Radio Sport, now seven years in “Soviet sport”. It’s time to break new ground.

Long and eventful life to “Soviet sport”!


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