Ngannou to Bellator? Another PR or reality?

Bellator president Scott Cocker revealed he is in talks with dominant heavyweight Francis Ngannou:

“Francis is a fighter we are very interested in. The dialogue between us is ongoing and I look forward to meeting him soon. Ngannou would be a great addition to any roster.”

All of this is great, but will Bellator be able to do it financially? Perhaps, but it will be a one-time action and nothing more.

Who to fight?

Fedor Emelianenko is no joke. Cocker could convince him to stick around for such a fight, especially if he beats Ryan Bader for the Bellator heavyweight title. Everyone understands that Fedor simply has no chance, but it all depends on the conditions.

Ryan Bader is a more realistic option, but you have to defeat Fedor Emelianenko and then he can fight Ngannou. By the way, the former UFC champion always has a hard time with wrestlers. the American has a chance, but it is very small.

It’s hard to believe all this and it seems Bellator PR. A little more time will pass and Ngannou will understand that he can systematically earn only in the UFC, but the return will be on Dana White’s terms.


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