new fiasco for French players


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They were 28 at the start of Roland-Garros, but for the French the adventure is already over even before the third round and the second week. How to explain this carnage that tends to repeat itself in recent seasons?

On the evening of 1 June, the last tricolor hope flew away. Of the 28 French registered, none will see the third round of Roland-Garros. A recurring symptom from one year to the next which may reflect a profound illness. Gaël Monfils, former world number six, was forced to withdraw. To see a French woman win on her land, one has to go back to the year 2000.

Few clay courts

Clay is popular with all French players, but you still need to be able to train on the legendary surface to win. The federation says it has doubled its efforts for two years to accustom young people. But in France, only 16% of the courts are clay, against 75% in Spain, for example. “In Spain we not only work on the technical side but also on the mental side”reports Javier de Diego, RT reportervAND. A positive sign for the future, one of France’s great hopes, Luca GoNot asschAndhe is comfortable on clay, he won the junior Roland-Garros 2021.

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