Navka met Roman Kostomarov for the first time after the skater was discharged from the hospital

Olympic ice dance champion Tatyana Navka has opened up about meeting her former partner, Russian figure skater Roman Kostomarov, after he was released from hospital.

Note that earlier this year, the athlete was in intensive care with a diagnosis of pneumonia. Subsequently, due to complications, doctors were forced to amputate part of his arms and legs, to then perform prosthetics. Roman spent 175 days in the hospital.

“The long-awaited meeting with Roma has finally taken place. I was very pleased to see them with Oksana in our house. It was such a warm and sincere meeting! We sat, we talked, we remembered, we laughed. I never get tired of admiring, Roma, your fortitude, your character, as well as Oksana’s incredible devotion and faith in you, ”the 48-year-old athlete said on his Telegram channel.

We add that Kostomarov, together with Navka, won gold medals at the 2006 Olympics in Turin in the ice dance category. The Russian couple also became world champions twice and won the European championship three times.


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