Marseille celebrates 30 years since winning the Champions League final


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It was the coronation that changed Olympique de Marseille. Just 30 years ago, OM beat Milan and brought home the Champions Cup. In Marseille everyone remembers him as if it were yesterday.

Forever first. On May 26, 1993, the city of Marseille is in a frenzy, Olympique de Marseille has just won the Champions League. The whole city is celebrating. Basile Boli’s goal had driven the crowd crazy minutes earlier. The next day, at the Vélodrome stadium, 40,000 people shout their happiness and come to welcome their heroes.

“1993 prepared 1998”

30 years later, the memory of this victory remains firmly anchored in Marseille’s mind. “Ah, we remember Basile Boli’s head (…) against Milan. Forever first”, says a supporter proudly. Everyone hopes to one day relive such an epic. Marseille’s victory will have made it possible to launch an entire generation of players within France, the one that won the 1998 World Cup. “1993 was preparing for 1998, because French football had never won a European Cup as a club, something clicked”points out Vincent Duluc, journalist of L’Équipe.

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