Lokomotiv lost to Akron and avoided the coach thanks to the participation of Barinov

It was not without difficulty that Lokomotiv brought the Russian Cup quarterfinal match with Akron to a penalty shootout, thereby avoiding a technical defeat due to the participation of Dmitry Barinov. The captain had no right to enter the field, because. he received two yellow cards in games with Spartak. The question remains: did Loko release Barinov on purpose, did he “leak” the Cup or was it a management error?


First, a few words about Lokomotiv’s rival. Akron is a young club founded in 2018. Now the team is in 13th place in the first league out of 18 teams. A typical midfielder – plays a lot of draws, so he’s at the bottom of the table.

The Togliatti team plays its home games in Zhigulevsk, which is located across the Zhiguli Sea. This is actually a satellite city, from Tolyatti to Zhigulevsk along the highway 20 km. The population is 50 thousand inhabitants.

It is clear that the arrival of such a rival is a great event for the city. The local stadium ‘Crystal’ has a capacity of 3,000 and tickets sold out on Sunday.

– Yes, we are sold out, – the stadium employee confirmed to Sovetsky Sport. – How to get there? From Tolyatti minibuses go to Zhigulevsk, you can take the train. But today the club organized free buses for fans.

– What are the ticket prices?

– From 200 to 500 rubles. Weather? Excellent, the sun, three degrees of heat, – said the girl.


First, about the atmosphere at Crystal Stadium. If you’ve seen a lot of empty seats in the TV picture, that doesn’t mean there wasn’t a full house. Tickets are sold based on the number of seats in the grandstand. The fans just watched the match standing up. Although the sun was shining during the day, the temperature drops in the evening, sitting and watching football is not very comfortable.

Guest sector on the “Cristallo” – on the central podium on the left. Loko fans have settled there. They unfurled a long red and green banner that read “Railroaders”. They also honored the memory of Murat Sasiev, the club’s longtime translator, who recently passed away.

Despite Akron’s young age by football standards, the club has active fans. Their fiefdom is on the podium behind the right gate. The bigger banner just says that the club has fans. It simply says “Akron Fans”. A smaller banner encourages people to switch to the “black and red” side. These are the main colors of the club.

And we will move on to football. Dziuba did not come to Zhigulevsk. An unusual decision by Mikhail Galaktionov. Things are looking up in the RPL, the team’s performance in matches with Spartak and Rostov left a good impression. It seems that not only the flight, but also Loko’s joints are no longer threatened. It is logical in such a situation to try to compete for an honorary trophy, but the main strike force of the team – Dzyuba – remained in Moscow. What is the reason is not clear. Perhaps the veteran is tired, is three games too much effort for the 34-year-old striker?

The first half passes with a slight advantage for Akron. The hosts played more eagerly than the guests. Apparently, the Loko players were hoping to win in class. But is this class enough to defeat the middle farmers of the first league?

Akron deserved more in the first half and scored. Marked beautifully. After a canopy of power. Makarov in a high jump headed the ball into the goal from six meters.

Meanwhile, during the break, a wave began to rise on the Internet: Barinov had no right to play in this match, having received a yellow card in every meeting at the previous stage of the Cup with Spartak. However, somehow this information did not reach the leadership of Loko, and Barinov entered the field after the break. In principle, the captain has already played half, and if a loss by forfeit is inevitable, then it doesn’t matter how many Barinovs played. But Akron must file a protest. If he wins, the need to protest will disappear.

O Galaktionov gave up the result, but in the 60th minute he removed the main striker Ignatiev and released 17-year-old Rakov.

Lokomotiv attacked the hosts more and more frequently. The goal was clearly preparing and matured – in the 75th minute Kamano struck in the bottom corner from the penalty line – 1:1.

Then the match went on a collision course, but the visitors attacked more often and more dangerously. Pinyaev had an amazing time at the end. He was completely alone in the goalkeeper’s corner, immediately, after a low cross, he sent the ball into the goal, but hit the post.

In the penalty shootout, Loko’s players missed twice. The hosts – once, and deservedly reached the semifinals. There will be no protest.

Cup of Russia 1/4 final Way of the Regions

Akron – Lokomotiv – 1:1 (1:0) 7:6 from a penalty.

Goals: Makarov, 14. Camano, 75.

Akron: Volkov, Zuev, Khodzhaniyazov, Savichev, Shakuro, Makarov, Pesegov (Sasin, 77), Chudin, Azarov (Apekov, 64), Ponce (Eldurashev, 77), Palienko.

Lokomotivs: Khudyakov, Smolnikov (Nenakhov, 77), Konti, Kuzmichev, Tiknizyan, Barinov, Karpukas (Schetinin, 60), Miranchuk (Zhemaletdinov, 46), Glushenkov (Kamano, 46), Pinyaev, Ignatiev.

Yellow cards: Conti, 33, Karpukas, 48, Kuzmichev, 55, Palienko, 56, Ponce, 67, Pinyaev, 85.

Referee: Artem Chistyakov (Azov)

March 14th. Zhigulevsk. Stadium “Crystal” 3,000 spectators.


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