Les Lyonnaises retain the title of French champions after the victory against PSG

Olympique Lyonnais won on Sunday on the Parc des Princes lawn against the runners-up, thanks to a goal from Signe Bruun in the last moments (1-0).

And in the end OL wins. The Lyonnaises won their 16th D1 Arkema league title by beating Paris Saint-Germain (1-0), at the Parc des Princes on Sunday 21 May. After dominating the whole game, he found the foul in the last minutes, thanks to a header from Signe Bruun after a cross (88th).

With a six-point lead and a day to go, they can no longer be reached by the Parisians, the big defeats of the evening. This is the third trophy the Fenottes have picked up this season, a week after winning the Coupe de France, already against Paris.

Bruun delivers OL

This, they went looking for. Long held in check by the Parisians, in what represented the final of the French championship against the runners-up, the Lyonnais never gave up. At the end of yet another offensive on the Parisian pitch, they were released by a former Parisian, Signe Bruun, who came to box Amel Majri’s cross with a header.

Before the goal they had mastered the game and pace for a long time, without being able to break through the opposition defence. From the first minutes they had put the Paris goal under pressure, such as the lob attempted by Ada Hegerberg after Kheira Hamraoui had lost the ball in his own half (3rd). Owner for the second time this season with her club, the Norwegian has multiplied the calls to try to make a difference. His teammates got themselves big chances (11th, 28th, 60th), for a long time without success.

Six months after losing the first leg on the grass (1-0), their only defeat of the season, the Lyonnaises have taken their revenge and marked a new line in their record. But they lost Delphine Cascarino to injury, after a bad contact with her teammate Elisa De Almeida. Present on the lawn during the festivities, the French international appeared in tears.

Paris has finally given in

Big losers of the evening, the Parisians didn’t weigh much in the match. They suffered throughout the first half. Better returned from the changing rooms, they failed to make themselves dangerous (2 shots, only one on goal). Thus they let the title slip away after a difficult season, marked by numerous injuries (Katoto, Diani). Faced with the measured joy of the Fenottes, the Parisians appeared collapsed, like Sakina Karchaoui and Kheira Hamraoui, who unveiled a shirt on which she wrote: “Insults, no excuses, where are the men? Patrick Juvet”a year and a half after her assault.

At the party, the Lyonnais will return to the Rhône with a 16th title in their suitcase, the first, symbolically, under the new management of Michelle Kang. Queens more than ever of the French championship, they have now got their hands on 16 of the last 17 editions of the D1.

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