La Rochelle celebrates its heroes after winning the European Cup


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Stade La Rochelais won their second European Cup in a row on Saturday 20 May, so inevitably, in the city of Charente-Maritime, fans celebrated this victory all night long.

Saturday evening May 20, red yellow and black pleasures. Welcomed like heroes at La Rochelle airport (Charente-Maritime), the Stade Rochelais players showed off the hard-won trophy in the European Cup final. There are 1,500 incandescent fans waiting for the players despite the late hour, 3:30 all the same, but not an ounce of tiredness. “I cried with joy for my team that I love”one of them said.

Lap of honor scheduled for Sunday

A second consecutive title on the roof of Europe, therefore inevitably, there was enough to give a voice. “Seeing everyone is just fun. Thanks to them”, launches Reda Wardi, player of the Stade Rochelais. On the Old Port of the city the party has already begun, on Saturday evening, with the final whistle. La Rochelle wins by one point, enough to jump into the water for its fans. Sunday afternoon the city will dress again in yellow and black to welcome its heroes from the oval.

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