Krasnodar confidently beat Akhmat, the hosts were defeated by the elimination of Timofeev in the first half


The teams approached the match with the following results: Akhmat beat Ufa away (2:1) in the Russian Cup, then confidently at home – Orenburg (3:1) in the championship, but lost in the last round of the RPL in Grozny ” Lokomotiv (0:1). But, apparently, after the team was led by a native of Grozny Sergei Tashuev, the situation in the team improved.

As for Krasnodar, the home victory in the last round of the RPL against Dynamo (3:1) gave the team confidence. This match was important for the coach of the “Bulls” Vladimir Ivic, because he was opposed by another Serbian Slavisa Jokanovic. The first round went to Ivic.

Ivic arrived in Krasnodar in early January. Among the 45-year-old specialist’s achievements are two league titles with Maccabi (Tel Aviv), as well as winning the Greek Cup with PAOK in 2017. Ivic also had a short spell in the league with Watford – just four months. The team was in 5th place, but the Serbian was fired. Why? Reasons: he didn’t find a common language with the players, he removed the club’s top scorer and legend from the squad. He spoke arrogantly with the players, he didn’t explain anything to them about his decisions. The atmosphere in the dressing room left much to be desired, so the Watford owners decided to part ways with Ivic ahead of schedule.

He moved to Krasnodar from Maccabi, this was the second arrival in Tel Aviv after an unsuccessful business trip to the UK.

Interestingly, in Israel they parted with Ivic without regrets, both in the club and in the fans of the club. The characteristic is the same that was given to Ivic in England: he’s not very sociable, he doesn’t have good contact with the players. I wonder how the Serbian will develop in Russia, will he change his principles of communication with the players?


A full-fledged spring has come to Grozny: the sun, 13 degrees Celsius, an excellent lawn. We all remember what happened to the weather in Moscow in the last round – and here is such a contrast.

The match was entrusted to referee Sergei Ivanov, who misunderstood several points in the recent match between Spartak and Lokomotiv. But no, the RFU has decided to follow the saying that those who do nothing are not wrong.

The measured course of the match was interrupted by the guests, who played an excellent mnogohodovka on the edge of the penalty area. It was completed by Moses – the Nigerian from the penalty line in an arc cut the ball sharply to the far corner – these shots are hopeless for goalkeepers. Then Krasnodar took the lead.

A few minutes later, in a completely harmless situation, Timofeev went with an open sole to Spertsyan and hit him squarely in the knee. Ivanov was immediately shown a red card. Timofeev did not argue, humbly left the field.

So “Krasnodar” in the 40th minute got a double advantage – in the long run and with an extra player.

In the second half, Krasnodar becomes even more active, even if the hosts seem to have to win back. Already at the beginning of the half Krasnodar had to score the second. Moses and Akhmetov started a perepasovka in the penalty area, Shelia has already been won back. Akhmetov shot into an empty net, but Nizhich ended up on the tape: he saved Akhmat from a goal.

And almost immediately another interesting moment happened. Agalarov ran into a counterattack, in the fight against Alonso he got into the penalty area and fell. Forward shook his hands indignantly, the audience in the stands excited. After a break, Vladimir Moskalev, who works in the VAR, invited the chief referee to the monitor. First, we were shown the fall of Agalarov. Honestly, it’s very clear from this record if there was a breach. But then the tape was rewound a little and it turned out that before taking possession of the ball he hit Agalarov’s hand. Then Ivanov did not have to appoint a penalty, which, it would seem, would cause controversy.

And soon Krasnodar doubled the score. Kryvtsov entered the penalty area with the ball and shot low into the far corner – 0:2.

In the remaining time, Akhmat only fought back, Krasnodar attacked dangerously, Akhmetov and Kordoba could have scored. And Nikita Krivtsov scored his double in the 3rd minute of added time.

Krasnodar deserved the victory, and Akhmat seems to have broken Timofeev’s removal out of the blue.

1/4 final Cup of Russia. Path of the Regions

Akhmat – Krasnodar – 0:3 (0:1)

Goals: Mozes, 27, Krivtsov, 60, 90+3.

“achmat”: Shelia, Nizhich, Shatara, Todorovich, Kharin (Bystrov, 83), Shvets (Kamilov, 46), Timofeev, Divanovich, Oleinikov (Karapuzov, 70), Berisha (Chernyak, 70), Ilyin (Agalarov, 46).

“Krasnodar”: Safonov, Petrov (Ramirez, 83), Alonso, Litvinov, Volkov, Spertsyan (Kadi, 65), Banyats (Chernikov, 66), Krivtsov, Mozes (Cordoba, 66), Olusegun (Batchy, 79), Akhmetov.

Warnings: Shvets, 36, Chernikov, 86.

Removal: Timofeev, 39 years old.

Judge: Sergei Ivanov (Rostov).

March 15th. Grozny. Ahmat Arena.


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