Kabaeva was dissatisfied with the FIG’s decision: Russians should compete under their own banner

2004 Olympic champion Alina Kabaeva reacted to the FIG’s decision to allow the Russians to participate in the Paris Games in a neutral state.

“We welcome the decision of the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) to allow Russian athletes to compete. However, this is not enough. Russian athletes should have the right to compete under their own flag. The monopoly of individual countries on international sports organizations is unacceptable. The intervention of politics in sport destroys it. In parallel, it is necessary to create an international sports system that is free from politics, ”quotes Kabaeva the TASS.

Recall that the 2024 Olympics will be held in Paris (France).

As for the FIG’s statement, the organization has allowed Russians and Belarusians to compete as individual neutral athletes without communication with their countries, national federations and National Olympic Committees.


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