Jean-Baptiste Chandelier, the acrobat of the sky


Video duration: 2 minutes.


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France 3 Provence-Alpes, F. Madigou, M. Flores, I. Lemaitre – France 3

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12/13 brings you, on Saturday May 20, this time to meet a paraglider, Jean-Baptiste Chandelier, whose playground is the roads of the Hautes-Alpes passes.

It is the return of the enfant terrible of French paragliding, Jean-Baptiste Chandelier and his local flights. In a new film, it is on the passes of the Briançon region (Hautes-Alpes) that the tightrope walker burns his soles, a project he has been developing for 5 years. “There were two projects that I couldn’t complete, (…) all of a sudden, that’s also why I wanted to go home, where we have much more control,” explains the professional freestyle paraglider.

Jean-Baptiste Chandelier has one desire, to democratize paragliding

To achieve this four minutes of frenetic descent, it took three weeks of shooting and sometimes dozens of attempts before getting the perfect shot. Shot last fall, the video just came out after six months of post-production where nothing was left to chance. Videographer, freestyler, the Haut-Alpin is also a paragliding designer, passions that he has been able to mix to get the best out of them “trying to democratize the business a bit”.

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