“It’s impossible not to love this boy!” Haaland has scored more Champions League goals than Rooney, Kaka and Eto’o


Let’s try to understand all the records that the Norwegian genius has conquered tonight. So this season he has scored 39 goals for City in all competitions. Previously, the best result belonged to Tommy Jones (38 goals in the 1928/29 season) and lasted 94 years! But it’s only March, and the “citizens” can have up to 19 games ahead…

Haaland also has 33 goals in 25 Champions League games. He has already scored three more goals than Wayne Rooney, even though he has played 60 (!) fewer games. He has more goals to his credit than Kakà or Samuel Eto’o have scored in their entire career.

In 36 matches since moving to the “citizens” camp, the Netherlands have scored 39 times against the opponent’s goal. In 12 home Champions League games he scored 22 goals. Only Lionel Messi and Luis Adriano have scored five goals in the same Champions League match. The Argentine downgraded Bayer in 2012, and the Brazilian in 2014 – BATE.


“My superpower? Scoring goals… This is largely due to quick thinking and a desire to shoot where there is no goalkeeper… I am so tired of goal celebrations,” the Norwegian swaggered after the final whistle.

Fans are thrilled with Haaland’s performance not only on the field, but in front of the cameras as well. Here are some selected comments on social media below the post of Jamie Carragher, who published a post-match interview with the hero of the night. It is worth adding that Carragher, Thierry Henry and Mika Richards greeted him, and the latter (ex-Man City defender) bowed at Haaland’s feet during the meeting.

“Holand is quality on and off the pitch.”

“He knows he can improve, he wants to score even more, improve his teammates and himself… Fantastic mentality! This guy is already an outstanding player!”

“Erling has a superior personal quality to Cristiano Ronaldo. The boy can accept criticism, he came, answered all the questions, shook everyone’s hand and left.

“What a great person he is. She answers questions and shakes everyone’s hand after the interview. Also, thoughtful and modest. A model right here and now.

“It’s just impossible not to love this guy. So much fun and probably the best player in the world right now. Manchester City are very lucky,” wrote Dave, who has the Chelsea crest on his profile photo.

“It’s so cool to see how former players cheer up current and future stars. NBAonTNT, take note that you don’t have to berate young people all the time and tell them they’re not as good as the guys you’ve played against.”

“It’s a shame Gary Neville wasn’t there to celebrate Manchester City’s performance. He has yet to discuss the game against Liverpool.”

However, something reminds Carragher of the declaration in February that he is weaker with Haaland at City.

“Didn’t you say City were the wrong team for Haaland?” asks one of the subscribers.

Today we can only laugh at that statement from Carragher, because it seems that Haaland is exactly the diamond that Guardiola was missing so much to finally win the Champions League after leaving Barcelona. It only takes three steps to do this.


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