I greeted with three words. The Russian champion disappeared forever on the way to training

In 2016, the tragic news spread in the Russian media: the national shooting champion disappeared on his way to training. The search for the athlete did not last long: he was soon found dead with a pistol in his hand and a short note.

Vladimir said goodbye to his loved ones in just three words.

“It’s hard to find someone in this weather”

Vladislav Loshakov became one of the best shooters in the country at an early age. In 2013, the athlete won the All-Russian competition in the Moscow region then he was only 17 years old. In 2016 she won the biggest tournament in her career – the junior team wrestling championship, which took place in Adygea.

On November 6, 2016, Vladislav went to training with a stolen Perazzi sporting weapon, but never got to the Lyublino compound. The athlete’s acquaintances raised the alarm, after which his mother wrote a statement to the police. A week later, Loshakov was found dead in Kuzminki Park.

The day after she disappeared, it started to snow. In such weather it is difficult to find a person. Those that are missing in winter are often only found in spring when the snow melts. And we found this guy by accident the hunters passed and their dogs sniffed something, said one of the volunteers.

The picture horrified search engines. The athlete was found dead near a tree – next to him was a sports pistol and a farewell note. The message contained only one sentence: “Tired of life.”

Reasons for suicide

The reason for the suicide is unknown to this day. The athlete’s entourage put forward several assumptions, but the main version is considered to be a series of failures in Vladimir’s personal life.

For three years, Loshakov was in a relationship with a girl Alexandra, who was also involved in sports shooting. The lovers often collided, and during one of the quarrels the athlete decided to leave Vladislav. A few months earlier, Loshakov was expelled from the Pirogov Medical Institute for absenteeism and failed session, although he repeatedly told teachers that it was difficult for him to combine study and sports.

In the summer of that year, the shooter already attempted suicide due to the breakup of the relationship. However, at that moment the coach managed to save Vladislav from a rash step.


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