I came to win. Lionel Messi conquered America in the first game

Moving on to David Beckham’s Inter Miami club, Lionel Messi has repeatedly stressed that he wasn’t doing it for the money or trophies. The Argentine focused on the fact that there are already enough big victories in his football career – which, of course, it’s hard to argue – his career is in decline and he wants to spend more time with his family. Sunny Miami seemed to him the perfect option for this.

However, the debut of the legend of world football in the form of a new club was expected by all who are not indifferent to the most popular ball game. Rest is rest, and reflexes, goal instinct and everything that distinguishes a super striker from a very good player has not gone away.

Adding a graduation to Leo’s long-awaited debut was that he had to fall in an international match: Inter Miami hosted Cruz Azul in the first round of the group stage of the North American League Cup. The Mexican club regularly competes for CONCACAF trophies and has won the local Champions League six times, and at the beginning of the new century it completely thundered around the world. Having received an invitation to play in the Copa Libertadores, the Mexico City team reached the final, imposing a fight on the South American giant – Boke Juniors – and losing only on penalties. So Messi’s first rival in a new place was more than a serious irritant.

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Delayed debut

Before the start of the match, the spectators gathered in the stands of the American Fort Lauderdale had an unpleasant surprise: both newcomers from Inter – Lionel Messi and Sergio Busquets – remained on the bench. However, both kept tabs and no one had any doubts that both would enter the field one way or another. It remained to be seen whether the debut of world football superstars in the new club would be a pure formality or the show would still take place. As a result, friends from the time of the joint performance in Barcelona came together as substitutes during the second half. The score at that time was 1:0 in favor of the American club. While the newcomers were drawn to the game, the toothy Cruz Azul was able to recover. And then came Messi’s time. First, he gave Taylor an assist, but the goal was disallowed for offside. And in stoppage time, Inter Miami were entitled to a dangerous free kick. Messi went to do it with his characteristic gait. And after a few moments the stadium erupted in ecstasy. Lionel without any particular problems went around the dilapidated wall of the Mexicans, smoothly sending the ball under the crossbar. The Argentine’s first goal at the new club turned out to be truly extraordinary, recalling Messi’s best years at Barcelona. And very soon the final whistle blew, announcing Inter’s first victory in a new era for the club.

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Question about the extra ticket

Of course, it is somewhat naive to assume that Messi in a new place will produce such masterpieces in every match. In this case, he almost certainly would not have gone to America: the best European clubs had many opportunities to convince Lionel. Yes, and in Saudi Arabia they have not yet come to terms with the fact that there will not yet be a confrontation between Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in their championship. But the fact remains: they will go to Messi in Miami and wherever his new club will play, just like they go to the theater to see the great actors with their own eyes. So it definitely won’t be boring in the vastness of North American soccer in the foreseeable future.


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