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With 369 days to go until the Paris 2024 Olympics opening ceremony, for those who managed to secure tickets, now is the time to worry about accommodation. The surprise can be significant on the price side: in some hotels the price has been multiplied by seven.

In a year, all eyes in the world will be on Paris. An Olympic Games ceremony on the water, in a setting steeped in history. But this setup will have a price: up to 2,700 euros per ticket, just to attend the opening ceremony. “I think it will be fabulous in real life, but I won’t be coming for the Olympics. It is expensive”, says Bram De Graaf, a British tourist. For others, the question doesn’t even arise. They are ready to pay the price, and even if you have to travel 6,000 km to participate.

Tourism could bring in up to 4 billion euros

This is the case of Shannon Travis, an American in love with France. She’s bought a dozen tickets for soccer, track and field, not to mention. In total, you spent more than 4,000 euros. “It’s both one of my favorite cities and the biggest Olympic sporting event, something I’ve always wanted to see. I didn’t hesitate for a second to get these tickets“, He explains.

He just has to find a place to live. Some hotels have already opened their reservation program for the event. Looking at these dates, we find rooms at 4,800, or 2,800 euros per night. Prices well above the norm. For the tourism sector alone, the economic benefits could reach up to 4 billion euros.

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