Hope burned like a fire. Can you forget to delete Fan ID?

Since the fan card was introduced in Russian stadiums, active supporter groups from the country’s major clubs have protested against this decision. If those who visit stadiums from time to time, the questions mainly concerned the registration procedure, which in the end was simplified to the limit, then the usual habitués of the sectors behind the gates were determined: those competitions that require a new document to visit will be ignored. Spartak fans reacted to this problem as radically as possible – as a result, in most of the red and white’s home matches last season, a very intimate atmosphere could be observed in which not only the referee’s whistles were clearly audible, but also the voices of the coaches pushing their players onto the field. Someone in this situation had to give in and, given that the introduction of Fan ID in RPL matches has the force of a legislative act, this was expected by the fans. As a result, it turned out exactly the opposite.

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He gave a reason

The first alarm bell for supporters of the abolition of the fan card sounded on the day of the Russian Super Cup match between Zenit and CSKA. A message about a fight on the Nizhny Novgorod-Kazan train, after which more than 30 fans were arrested, instantly spread through all news agencies of the country, and the emphasis was on the fact that fan ID was not required to attend the match. Conclusions in the relevant authorities, of course, were made.

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And last night, the hopes of active fans that the additional identification method in stadiums would be canceled relatively quickly, it seems, completely melted away like smoke. At the friendly match between Spartak and Neftchi, the audience watched a brilliant fireworks display from the active part of the hosts’ fans. Which, by the way, led to the suspension of the game. Yes, you can tell how much you want that a few years earlier such spectacles were perceived more or less calmly. But from the point of view of the law, the carrying and use of pyrotechnic articles constitutes a violation of the rules of conduct in sports facilities with appropriate administrative measures. And there is no doubt that this case will become another trump card in the deck of those who support the conservation of the restrictive measures. Moreover, now they can become even stricter.

What’s next?

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If you look at the question sensibly and from the point of view of logic, it was worth organizing such a demonstrative “holiday of disobedience” only in one case, as a kind of farewell tour. That is, if there was no hope that the situation would change at all, but I still wanted to remember the times of relative loyalty to such manifestations of emotions. As a gesture of disagreement with the existing rules, this action looked something like an attempt to put out a fire with gasoline. And now it will be very, very difficult to convince the initiators of the introduction of the law that this measure is not needed and could do without it.


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