He killed the heavyweights FIGHT NIGHTS and went to the ASA

Russian heavyweight prospect Grigory Ponomarev is resolutely restarting his career. He left the Fedor Team and stopped training in Stary Oskol, realizing that there he had no prospects for growth. Now he trains under the guidance of Taras Kiyashko, who managed to gather all the Russian heavyweights around him.


Grigory Ponomarev held his last three fights against Yusup Shuaev. One lost and two won. The trilogy is great, but to be honest, who are these guys? Why were they forced to fight three times? The answer is simple: FIGHT NIGHTS doesn’t actually carry a lot of weight, and now it just isn’t. AMC has a lot of interesting fights, but with heavy weight there is a lot of difficulty. It is clear that the Brazilians will now be brought for Shuaev, by the way, for example, Mondragon, why not, but Ponomarev left and did it while he owned the belt.

Photo source: MMA Union of Russia

Heavy ASA

There are also a few heavyweights in the ASA and they have all fought each other. Grigory Ponomarev will significantly dilute this lineup and show the level of heavyweights from AMC FIGHT NIGHTS. It will be interesting. For Gregory this is a significant step forward, which we must take advantage of. He has a lot of work to do, he has great difficulties with cardio, but leaving Stary Oskol can solve this problem. Taras Kiyashko’s bands are able to breathe and even sustain five-round fights.

In Grigory Ponomarev’s statistics there are six victories and two defeats.


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