He bared his chest after the win. The blogger girl made the whole stadium happy

Recently, the direction of pop-MMA has become popular, in the chains of which, in addition to well-known bloggers, such monsters as Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk have also fallen. While billionaires and teen idols decide where and how to beat each other, British social media star Daniella Hemsley after the fight with a Polish opponent, in the joy of victory, bares her chest right in the ring.

Young social media star Daniella Hemsley rose to fame thanks to her offbeat blog. The beauty from the English Birmingham has long been demonstrating to her fans how she gradually loses weight, starting with a weight of 95 kilograms. The girl’s problems began as early as adolescence, when she, not knowing about her, stuffed her stomach with various junk foods. Then the girl was hit by the stress of her parents’ divorce. Eat chips, cookies, chocolate, etc. Daniella tried to ease the pain.

Photo source: Daniella Hemsley’s social network

– I ate up to eight thousand calories in one sitting: a whole package of cookies, six bags of chips, an entire bar of chocolate, and ice cream. She sometimes ate, even when she was full, but then she suffered because she ate too much again,” Hemsley quotes the Daily Mail as saying.

However, at the age of fifteen, the teenager suddenly realized that this could no longer continue. He started going to the gym, dieting, he balanced his diet. The effect was not long in coming. Thank God, the metabolism at this age works perfectly. The young woman started sharing her successes on social networks and there she quickly gained popularity, gaining hundreds of thousands of subscribers in just a few years. The result was fabulous – minus 30 kilograms!

Earlier this year, Hemsley revealed that he had agreed to sign a contract for a couple of boxing shows with KingPyn Boxing. This promotion is engaged in holding tournaments between internet celebrities. The first fight took place a month after the signing of the contract. In April, Daniella lost miserably, losing to her opponent by unanimous decision.

Photo source: Daniella Hemsley’s social network

His second fight took place on July 15 in Dublin, Ireland where the Kingpyn High Stakes boxing tournament was held. Her opponent in the ring was Polish model Alexandra Daniel, who also lost in her first boxing match. It was supposed to be five rounds. Alexandra started the fight more actively, however, all she did was wave her arms in different directions, not really understanding what to do next. The British, on the other hand, took a wait-and-see stance and answered her opponent with rare blows. The outcome of the fight was predictable: three judges awarded the victory to Hemsley (48-47,48-47,49-46).

Out of joy, Daniella started jumping, and then pulled her shirt up all the way and showed her breasts to the entire audience and cameras, continuing to jump around the ring in this form. When the emotions subsided, Hemsley realized she had done something stupid and she immediately started apologizing to the audience.

Photo Source: MMA Fighting

“I was a little giddy with the victory. I just wanted to express myself,” said the winner.

The main effect was achieved: in such an easy way, the social media star attracted the attention of a huge number of viewers to the promotion and at the same time to herself.


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