Hands off Lena. Great Isinbayeva ready to destroy and trample

In conversations about the most popular sport in Russia, football and hockey are often mentioned, although sometimes biathlon and figure skating are included in the conversation. But in reality this is not entirely true, since an equally favorite pastime is to verbally attack someone who holds a different opinion. In general, it is ideal if this person was famous and successful.

In the story on Isinbayeva’s words, the dominant opinion is based on the condemnation of the great champion. However, from time to time, words of support for Elena pass. And such an alternative opinion has the right to life. After all, it would seem that it is time to rejoice at a fellow countryman who remained a member of the IOC after the audit initiated by the Olympic Committee, otherwise there are literally some of our representatives in well-known world sports organizations. But no, we can’t do that, it seems that most people like the feeling of being in a besieged fortress.

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The number of those who have expressed themselves on this issue in recent days is somehow countless: athletes, journalists and even politicians have not stood aside. And yet the majority strongly condemn Elena, including ordinary readers in the comments under the news, taking off one after another at the speed of a Formula 1 single-seater on the straights. The most interesting thing is that these same people until recently sincerely rooted for Isinbayeva with all their hearts, experienced ups and downs with her, and now they are ready in a moment to pour a tub of slops on the “beauty, athlete and Komsomol member.”

Although who, if not she, was one of the few who personified the power of Russian sports and was, so to speak, a showcase? Two-time Olympic champion, multiple world and European champion, holder of dozens of unique world records, the main of which has not yet been broken. Remember August 18, 2008, when all the track and field competitions on Olympic Day were completed, but the stands of the overcrowded 80,000-capacity Beijing stadium didn’t thin out, but froze in anticipation of Elena’s new world record? And the roar of the stadium that explodes with euphoria after she succeeds on her third attempt?

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And now, it turns out, it is criminal to live in sunny Spanish Tenerife, although before that something did not bother anyone that Isinbayeva’s house was much more expensive and pretentious than Monaco. And the words about the “nominal nature” of the received military ranks, even if they sounded harsh, have some basis. Hundreds of athletes in Germany, Italy and other countries are also associated with the military structures of their countries and have the appropriate ranks, but it never occurs to anyone to equate them with military personnel in the classical sense of the word.

Isinbayeva has the same attitude towards the army as the Lokomotiv footballer has towards Russian Railways. Now we send all the players of the team to repair the sleepers somewhere between Nizhny Novgorod and Yaroslavl. Well, what, they also have a railwayman’s crust. Or is it different?

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Isinbayeva herself, after the fuss started, decided to go into the shadows. Perhaps this is the most correct decision, since as soon as a new topic that disturbs the minds appears, everyone will switch to it. Elena remains a great outstanding athlete who made an invaluable contribution to Russia’s progress on the world stage. She has long since earned (in every sense of the word) the full right to live where and how she wants. Only now, in a nutshell, her name is trampled with pleasure and smeared with mud.

If we are ready to overthrow our own heroes with such ease on the most insignificant occasions, then who will we soon be equal to, who will we be proud of?


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