God is in his house. Inter fans were willing to risk their lives to see Messi

The saga of Lionel Messi’s transfer to the American Inter Miami has finally come to an end. The Argentine signed all the documents and presented himself in front of the fans of his new club. The presentation of one of the best footballers in history turned into real pandemonium. Even people far from football could not miss such an event. About 20 thousand attended the official presentation of Leo.

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Fans of the Argentine’s talent began gathering around the arena just hours before the official ceremony began. Well, tell me how you can keep calm when very soon you will see with your own eyes a real world legend, a football god with your own eyes.

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When the organizers gave the green light for the passage of the fans, almost in the blink of an eye, the stands of the Drive Pink Stadium were immediately filled. Wanting to visit the presentation was just the sea. The heads of the club, headed by David Beckham, even had to erect several temporary tiers to increase the arena’s capacity from 18 to 22 thousand.

But to see Messi, the fans had to risk a little, a lot of their lives. An assault notice was issued in Miami in the morning. All residents of the region were asked to stay at home, but such an event canceled all lines of security. The Inter management, in turn, could not afford to treat their protagonist so casually and postponed Leo’s entry onto the pitch for two whole hours.

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However, no one was going to leave their post either. Everyone was waiting and humbly waiting for Messi to appear on the pitch. And waited! First, club chairman David Beckham and manager Gerardo Martino went up to the center of the pitch, where a small stage was erected. And then such coveted words rang out in the stadium: “meet your new number 10 legend, Lionel Messi.

What has begun to happen is simply beyond words. Leo just walked and the fans roared and screamed with glee and glee. The Argentine took the stage, where the top management of the club presented him with a shirt. Messi then took the floor and addressed the fans.

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“Thanks to all the people of Miami for this welcome and this love. I’m happy to be here. Thanks to David Beckham, Jorge and José Mas for making everything easy. I came with the desire to always compete and win so that this club will continue to grow. I hope you will join us and I want to thank my teammates who are here. I am happy to have chosen this city and this project. I have no doubt that we will like it” Messi said.

After that, Leo’s old-new teammate, Sergio Busquets, also took to the field. The Barcelona striker’s partner also moved to the United States this summer and it won’t be long before they both take the field as part of the same squad.

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It seems that the event lasted only 30 minutes, but how much joy and happiness it brought to everyone present. Yes, this is not the scale of Camp Nou or Parc des Princes, where Messi had a chance to play, but the atmosphere and love for him in Miami is as strong as it used to be in Barcelona. Messi has stated that he wants to find peace and enjoy life. Well, congratulations to Leo, he has found his new home, where he is loved and that he loves.


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