French skipper Maxime Sorel on top of the world



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The Breton navigator, more accustomed to the vastness of the ocean than to climbing peaks, managed to reach the summit of Everest, at 8,848 metres. A fine performance for the man who had gone around the world alone.

He finished 10th at the last Vendée Globe, now he’s on top of the world. The skipper Maxime Sorel has just climbed Everest (Nepal), during the descent he hardly notices it. “Everything seems small, that’s what’s crazy. There are mountains that are 2,000 meters below. When you’re at the foot of the mountain, it’s huge, it’s 7,000 meters high. But they are very small there”he said.

A feat for a good cause

Even for this seasoned adventurer, accustomed to thrills, climbing the mountain is a feat and his face is marked by fatigue. He owes this feat to a year of preparation and several weeks in Nepal to acclimatise. Originally from Saint-Malo (Ille-et-Vilaine), he was first and foremost a sailor, known for his voyages on the waves. Sponsor of the association Vaincre the mucoviscidose, at more than 8,000 meters, Maxime Sorel wants to raise public awareness of the experiences of patients. Thanks to a kitten who follows his enterprise, the adventure has already earned the association 63,000 euros.

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