French Olympic Committee president Brigitte Henriques resigns, just over a year from Paris 2024

Amid strong tensions with her predecessor Denis Masseglia, the president of the French National Olympic Sports Committee ended her mandate on Thursday.

The governance crisis of the French National Olympic Sports Committee (CNOSF) is taking on another dimension. Her boss Brigitte Henriques announced on Thursday May 25, that she was leaving her post as president of the body, during the general assembly of the CNOSF. In recent months, tensions have boiled over several issues, especially between Brigitte Henriques and her predecessor Denis Masseglia. A little over a year from the Paris 2024 Olympics, the former footballer gives in. CNOSF Secretary General Astrid Guyart will take over the interim, the body said in a news release.

The beginning of this crisis that mixes financial issues, legal issues and power struggles dates back to last September. A little over a year after taking up her post, Brigitte Henriques fires her general secretary Didier Séminet, before filing a complaint for “harassment” AND “psychological abuse”. The former leader of the French Baseball Federation then does the same for “slanderous denunciation” AND “breach of trust”.

Shelved at the end of 2022

Accused a few weeks later of having supported, in the context of her previous functions at the French Football Federation, an executive of the FFF, convicted in 2023 of moral and sexual harassment, Brigitte Henriques deviated for a certain period from her post in October. Back at the head of the commission, she has to face a complaint to the Finance Prosecutor, filed by Denis Masseglia for “abuse of social good” after having had to reimburse the CNOSF just over 4,000 euros of expenses deemed personal.

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On 16 May Denis Masseglia then unsuccessfully asked for the resignation of the man who had taken his place after 12 years at the helm of the institution. This finally happened nine days later. In an interview with The group, On Wednesday, Brigitte Henriques said she plans to hold a vote of confidence – not foreseen in the CNOSF statute – this Thursday morning. Her speech will finally have been for “explain to the members of the general assembly the reasons for its decision“, specifies the instance. “At the end of this speech, Brigitte Henriques was warmly applauded by the general assembly for her contribution, her dedication and the work of modernization she has instilled within the institution since the beginning of her mandate.

Amélie Oudéa-Castéra calls to “collect” and “recover”

A little more than 400 days from the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris, this new episode shakes up the tricolor Olympic sport a little more. “A Board of Directors will elect a President among its members within the next three months, according to the statutory provisions of the institution.“says the CNOSF. In the meantime, Astrid Guyart, until then general secretary, will hold the position of president. Already a member of the quartet that had sat during the marginalization of Brigitte Henriques, the former fencer will have to ensure the transition and bring some peace to the institute.

Whoever takes his place must”gather” AND “rebound“says the minister of sport, Amelie Oudea-Castera. “There is no winner today”, he reacted, but there may be”a victory, that of an ethical and democratic leap”. Even the Minister has made an appointment”Tuesday evening“May 30 at the executive headquarters of the CNOSF for make the point“.

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