France’s XV take on Wales at the Stade de France



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The XV of France will face Wales at the Stade de France on Saturday 18 March. The point before the meeting with Dimitri Yachvili and the journalist Mathieu Lartot.

If the XV of France can no longer win the Grand Slam, they can still win the trophy. “There is still some hope. First of all we have to win, and win well, against this Welsh team, and wait for the result of Ireland-England.”explains journalist Mathieu Lartot, live from the Stade de France (Seine-Saint-Denis).

“Manage the game well after”

Above all, it will take “Manage the game well after”after the Blues demonstration in Twickenham (UK) the previous week. “We can’t wait, one week after the historic feat at Twickenham, to see the players of the French team on this lawn again. (…) We don’t have to ask ourselves questions, we simply have to win this match against experienced but lately declining Welshmen’adds Dimitri Yachvili.

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