former athletes of the French national team report abuse



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In a survey conducted by Stade 2, gymnasts who have worked for the French team speak for the first time of harassment and violence in training and competition.

The word is free in French gymnastics. In a “Phase 2” poll broadcast on Sunday 14 May, six former athletes call out abuse, violence and harassment for the first time when they played for the French national team. “We were just performative objects, we didn’t care about our health”denounces Valentine Sabatou.

Physique observations and repeated injuries

A pair of coaches and a supervisor from the French Gymnastics Federation are notably being singled out for anything from physical comments to physical violence, such as a slap in the face and abuse. All the girls who testify have left the French team and remain marked by what they have been through. Present on the set, the Minister of Sport, the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Amélie Oudéa-Castera, announced on Monday the opening of an investigation.

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