“Finally broke through!” The Spartak hero is satisfied with the game, but not with transfer questions

In the first round of the RPL-2023/2024, Daniil Khlusevich became the hero of the match with Orenburg, in which he not only scored his first goal for Spartak, but also managed to score a double. With the second goal in the last minutes of the match, he brought a minimal victory to the club from the capital. After the end of the match, Daniel answered questions from reporters.

– How do you rate the team’s performance in the season opener? Your contribution to the victory?

– The most important we won. This match turned out to be quite difficult, at one point we were losing 1:2. Thanks to the guys who all played until the end, that we managed to rehabilitate.

How are you celebrating this season? Ready to fight? What are the team’s tasks?

– Of course, the main task win every game.

– Will Spartak be the champion this year?

– Guys, the first round, we can’t talk about it. We will set ourselves the highest goals.

– Now there are rumors that you can leave Spartak and go to play in Europe. This is true? Did you negotiate?

“I really don’t know anything. All this is handled by the agent, all questions to him.

– How psychologically important is it to win the first game of the season?

– This is probably one of the most important factors, because this is the first game, he is at home, you have to win it and go into the season with one win and three points.

– What emotions do you get from shooting? The first goals in the first match.

– Emotions are amazing. The first year I didn’t score at all for Spartak, although there were enough chances. Somewhere unfortunate, something went wrong. Today he finally broke through, he also proved capable of scoring two very important goals. I am extremely satisfied.

– How did you congratulate yourself in the dressing room?

– Everyone was very happy, they congratulated me a lot, thanks to the guys. Incredible emotions, everything is great.

— How do you evaluate the strengthening of the team this summer?

– We still play together anyway, because many came not so long ago. All strong players, we have selected a very good and competitive squad. I think it will be a great season.

– Is your best match for Spartak?

– If you take in relation to goals, of course.

– The goals turned out to be just beautiful!

— Yes, I scored quite good goals. I liked the second goal even more, it was a good rally, it was beautiful.

“These weren’t random targets. Experts have repeatedly noted that you have added to the completion and quality of the pass.

– Thanks to the experts, we are working on this, that’s why we train to improve. Apparently, she really added, as he scored twice. We will continue to work, thanks to all who praised.

Are you motivated by the story that Spartak is looking for a cornerback? Are you following this? Or do you follow more what the Italian clubs write about you?

I don’t follow anything. I train and squeeze the most out of myself. This is the most important, the rest is in the background.

Does the name Rogerio tell you something?

The surname “Spartacus” speaks. This is the name of the club I play for.

It is known that you have an agent. Who is this man who allegedly negotiates with Italian clubs?

I do not know anything. Any questions to my agent. His name is Oleg. You can find your last name online. Everything is there.

There weren’t only good moments. There were also bad ones, for example when you missed an opponent’s attack. Who went wrong there? How did you have to take care of this player?

I will not say who made a mistake and who is to blame. In each case, the team concedes a goal. The coach will also tell you what mistakes have been made. We will fix it.

Is there a cornerback you want to look like?

NO. I just watch other clubs’ matches and notice some moments. Looking at someone, I adopt something, I add it in training.

I was told that as a child your father told you to watch Shakhtar Donetsk matches. Who in that Shakhtar really surprised you?

I do not remember. Douglas Costa, William. These were strong players.

But we are all waiting for the confrontation. You have heard the words of the head of the board that you have been entrusted with a task – a championship and a cup. What do you think?

The task has been set, we will fight and achieve.

Do you think that with Wendel and Malcolm leaving Zenit you have more chances?

I don’t follow any transfers. Now I play Spartak.

We can say that at the initial stage Zenit won yesterday, today you achieved a strong-willed victory, so your chances are 50/50 or 80/20 in favor of the club from the banks of the Neva?

We can’t say anything at this moment. Now we have earned three points: this is the most important thing.


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