FIFA Women’s World Cup: The competition has begun


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The Women’s World Cup kicked off in New Zealand, joint host country with Australia. As a preamble to the first game of the tournament, a rather understated opening ceremony took place at Eden Park in Auckland on the morning of Thursday 20 July.

Tradition has it that, in New Zealand, the Women’s World Cup opens with a haka. A short opening ceremony takes place on the morning of Thursday 20 July at Eden Park in Auckland (New Zealand). The 32 selections in the competition were thus presented. In their opening match, New Zealand won 1-0 against Norway.

The blues ready to fight

Spectators from all over the world traveled to follow the competition, especially from the fan zones. “It was sold out, I wasn’t quick enough to buy tickets. This competition will be incredible for women’s sport, for women’s football”, comments one supporter. On the side of the Blues, whose base camp is established in Sydney (Australia), serenity is a must. “We are all 100% ready and we will know how to respond to this physical fight”said Elisa de Almeida, defender of the French national team, at the press conference.

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