Ferencváros are out of the Europa League. How will this affect the fate of Cherchesov?


Before the draw for the round of 16 of the Europa League, I wrote a note on why Ferencváros will not reach the quarter-finals. I made this conclusion based on the analysis of possible rivals. And at the same time, he believed that Cherchasova’s team has a small chance only if the lot chooses Bayer Leverkusen as a rival for Ferencvaros.

Why? The German club is playing extremely volatile this season. Even so, I’ve only given Frauds a 10% success rate. With other rivals – no chance. Just look at the list of participants in the 1/8 finals. However, the matches showed that there were no chances against Bayer either. The Leverkusen side has clearly gained momentum lately. Bayer beat Hoffenheim away in the German championship – 3:1, then there was a victory over Munich – 3:2, in the previous round of the Europa League. Werder Bremen were beaten in the Bundesliga last week, also away – 3:2. And before that, Ferencvaros at home – 2:0. As you can see, the team of Spanish football legends Xabi Alonso it doesn’t matter where and how much to score – at home or away.

After the draw, I gave Ferencváros no more than 10% to reach the quarterfinals. But on condition that the Hungarian star plays relatively well in Leverkusen. What did I mean by this? Winning or drawing is understandable, as is losing with a minimum score. Unfortunately, the second goal, conceded in the 85th minute, drastically reduced Ferencváros’ chances of a favorable outcome of the confrontation.

Now in Budapest you have to score at least two to go to at least extra time. And at the same time not to be missed, which, looking at the results of Bayer’s previous matches, seemed unreal. Objectively, Ferencváros will not score three goals against such an opponent.

The return match was not held in the Fradi’s home stadium, the Groupama Arena, which has 24,000 seats, but in the country’s main stadium, the Ferenc Puskas Arena, with a capacity of 68,000. For a long time, the Hungarian team did not climb that high in European competitions. The whole of Hungary was waiting for this match, so they decided to play Ferenc Puskas Arena. By the way, on May 31, the Europa League final will be held here. This fact was an additional pressure on Ferencvaros. Journalists have repeatedly reminded Cherchesov that the final will be held in Budapest.

Alas, actually it all ended already in the 3rd minute. Diaby he ran onto the wing on a counterattack, drove into the penalty area and punched the goalkeeper dibused.

In the future, Bayer had quite a few chances to score the second. For example, in one episode Serdar Azmun in the penalty area, he injured the defenders of the starters several times, but squeezed him with a blow, and the ball was knocked out of him at the last moment.

In the 40th minute Stanislav Cherchesov received a warning for excessive expression on the edge. Time passed, the ghostly possibilities of Ferencváros vanishing every minute. It’s 81 Adli put an end – 2:0.


Yes, Ferencváros objectively had no chance against Bayer and the round of 16 proved it. The level of the Hungarian league is not comparable to the Bundesliga. It seems that there shouldn’t be any special questions for Cherchesov. But Ferencváros has a very unusual appearance, so we will characterize him kindly, the president… Gabor Kurbatov. He is wayward, can make not entirely logical decisions. Then Kurbatov parted ways Sergei Rebrov, although he led the team to the group stage of the Champions League for the first time. What Cherchesov failed to do this fall. And Stanislav Salamovich’s predecessor is an Austrian Peter Steger he was only sacked in December 2021 as the team botched their European Cup campaign.

Cherchesov arrived and immediately scored a golden double – he won the Cup and the title of champion of Hungary, which earned him the love of the fans. But Kurbatov and the fans dream of success in Europe. What could be such a success for the current Ferencváros? If we discard emotions, going directly to the 1/8th of the Europa League from first place in the group is already the roof of this team. I am convinced that 1/16 “fradies” would not have passed. You can look at the composition of the participants. But how to explain this to the eccentric president of the club? And then there’s Ferencváros with fever in the Hungarian championship. Although the team is leading by 11 points, but the latest results indicate that there are problems with the game. Three draws – with “Mezekovesd” (1:1), with the main pursuers “Kecskemet” (1:1) and “Kishvarda” (0:0), one victory over “Debrecen” (2:0). And a painful home defeat against another competitor from Puskas Academy – 1:2.

And in this series, two full-fledged defeats for Bayer look logical.

How would Kurbatov after yesterday’s 0-2 not make an emotional decision. But let’s hope Cherchesov finishes this season in Budapest. And there – life will show.


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