Evgeny Slyusarenko became the CEO of “Soviet Sport”

Evgeny Slyusarenko was appointed managing director and editor-in-chief of all media resources of the publication. In his new position, Evgeny will be responsible for developing and improving business efficiency, forming a brand development strategy.

“It is a great honor for me to lead a project with which, in fact, I have been connected all my life,” said Evgeny Slyusarenko. – In my school years, I was a devoted subscriber of “Soviet Sport”, as a student of the journalism department of Moscow State University, underwent an internship here, and subsequently collaborated in the publication during many major sporting events. I am glad that now for me this is not only a pleasant memory, but also an opportunity to revive the legendary brand, to make it popular and influential among the public. It would be wrong not to thank the predecessors who have been able to keep the famous name despite the unfavorable circumstances of recent years. There are many big goals to achieve, but they all seem achievable, given the team’s experience and the opportunities opening up before us,” Evgeniy Slyusarenko said in a commentary for Bookmaker Rating.

Evgeny Slyusarenko has been the director of the information support department of Gazprom-Media (including the management of the Sportbox and Match TV websites) since the fall of 2021. Before that, for more than three and a half years he headed the largest sports portal visited in Russia, the Championship. He has been accredited as a journalist at seven Olympics, multiple winner and winner of Russian and international competitions. Graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University, candidate of philological sciences, author of works on the history of Russian sports.

Nikolai Yaremenko, who has headed the publication as editor-in-chief since 2017, will leave his post.

* Soviet Sport is one of the oldest sports media in Russia. Its resources include, in addition to the weekly, also an online publication sovsport.it and special editions of periodicals.


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