Eagle FC at all? Khabib Nurmagomedov’s promotion disappears from the stage

News broke today that a number of champions Eagle FC may move to the ACA. We recalled that nothing has been known about this promotion for a long time, and its fighters are fighting in other places. We decided to check the organization’s social networks, but they have not been moderated since December 22 of last year. All?

It all started so well…

Remember, Khabib Nurmagomedov built an arena in the US and started fighting there. He looked just amazing, he was able to solve the problems that prevented Russian promotions from entering the world stage, namely dealing with public relations. All the best MMA resources started writing about Eagle FC and they did it for absolutely free. The fighters began to receive the necessary publicity, and many were ready to continue their careers in the UFC. Then the unthinkable began…

Over the past six months the promotion has started holding its events in the Asian republics of the former Soviet Union, attracting local athletes unknown to anyone. Now the Eagle FC fighters have begun to actively fight in other places. This all looks as sad as possible, and the silence is amazing. Considering that the resources of the league have been silent for three months, we can conclude that there will be no more tournaments there. Sure, we can be wrong, but we haven’t believed in coincidences for a long time.

Why Khabib?

Khabib Nurmagomedov created a huge structure, recruited a lot of employees, but what about them now? Why and for what purpose was it all and, more importantly, why did it fall apart? Obviously, this is due to the so-called departure of Khabib, which has no logical explanation and raises a lot of doubts. At the moment there is a fact: Eagle FC has been silent since December 22nd!


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