E-sports: rooms full and fans won, the practice brings more and more people together


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M. Martel, O. Trigodet, N. El Abid, E. Urtado – France 2

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Four days of competitions, 50,000 spectators at the Accor Arena, e-sport is attracting more and more fans. This discipline is becoming more democratic and is becoming an important economic market.

The Accor Arena hosts the competition of the year on the Counter-Strike game until Sunday. “And the Mbappe video game”cheers a supporter, pointing zywoothe best player French on this video game. No fewer than 50,000 people have already attended L’event from Thursday, for most amateur players. Matches are broadcast internationally AND LPlayers are welcomed like rock stars

THE export it is a booming discipline that excites the entire worldsupportersSt even cross the Atlantic to attend the event. The winning team raised nearly €500,000 this weekend. Today is a business”, says Fabien Devildealias “Neo”team presidentexport vitality. “If we talk about payroll or numbers, I think for example of a number one in the top 14”.

Increasingly consistent investments

Clare, aka Dolly”, supporter of the team vitality but also an amateur playerrickAnd, spent almost 1000 euros to equip fully to play and “think of something else, rest and have fun in a very simple way”. THE export has already won the hearts of over ten million people FrankThat.

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